Addiction Treatment for Women

The emotional freedom and self-regulation that are supposed to develop during a recovery program will be hampered when a woman is uncomfortable or feeling afraid.
In-patient addiction recovery programs can be frightening. For women who are used to being in control of their home and family life, even when functioning as an alcoholic or drug addict, there can be fear of being so far out of control during a treatment program.

Some women who have suffered abuse, or have fears associated with men, have even deeper issues which present during treatment. The emotional freedom and self-regulation that are supposed to develop during a recovery program will be hampered when a woman is uncomfortable or feeling afraid.

There are certainly women for whom these challenges are easily overcome, and not every recovery treatment program is going to suit every person.  Just as there is no one path to sobriety, there is no one treatment program that will help every addict.  However, many women do benefit from being in a female-only recovery program that it is worth considering if someone you love is seeking addiction or substance abuse treatment.

A holistically designed, intentionally female-focused recovery treatment program can help women recover from addiction on a deeper level.  When the addict is free to release defensive behavior they may have developed in response to early fears or condition, and can explore all aspects of herself that may have played a role in becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, the addict receives a much higher rate of return on the treatment experience.  The more a patient can bring out of herself during one on one or group therapy, the better the result of the recovery program.

Since addiction is so often an escape mechanism triggered by stressors and events that happen in early life and that we cannot fully recall, there can be real feelings of intimidation during therapy.  Those very basic behaviors and identity-related action scripts are challenged, leading to a sense of being bare in public.  The necessity of a trusting and supportive environment is clear.  When the facility is treating only women, a layer of socialized behavior gets removed, and the opportunity to be more real is there for the addict to take advantage of.

Treatment facilities that focus on women as whole beings, who must be able to manage spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects of themselves in order to recover from addiction, are the ones that offer the patient the highest level of success.  Distractions that can emerge in a co-ed facility are simply removed, allowing women to focus on the very difficult and intense work of recovering from dependence and substance abuse.

Even in such a recovery program, where women are treated as the unique and special patients they each are, there are individualizations that are needed in each patient’s recovery program.  The physiology of women differs from that of men, but every woman is also different, and depending on her age and health may require specialized medical attention.  This should be available during a world-class addiction recovery program for women.  There can also be social issues which women can simply sympathize with more readily, which will help develop the strong bonds and friendships that help fight relapse far into the future.


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