When an Addict is Ready for Treatment

It’s time for a breakthrough.
There are a number of factors that play into the cycle of addiction and can prevent an addict from being to fully accept the efforts of recovery professionals, loving family members, friends and co-workers who want to see the addict return to a sober lifestyle.

The medical and biochemical foundations of addiction behavior are just now becoming well understood, and finding the appropriate treatment approach to bring those factors into alignment can be complicated and only happen after a few attempts for some people. Then there are the underlying mental health and emotional programming problems most addicts deal with.  For so many suffering from addiction, there are incidents stemming from early life, or from messages that were improperly internalized, that lead to feelings of worthlessness, self-deception, anxiety and reduced self-esteem. The addict who has these background issues will consistently bump up against the threat of addiction, like any other addict, but may not have the fundamental identity protection skills to prevent relapse into drug and substance abuse.

This is where a recovery program which is designed to help an addict find his or her footing can be a resource that is invaluable.  For any addict seeking recovery, there is usually a hesitance in approaching the treatment facility.  Fear of losing control over one’s life, boundary issues which are common to addicts, and the fear of medical judgement are all factors in the addict’s fear, as is the very real worry about legal and financial outcomes of addiction.  Picking up the pieces while being subject to the will of others, and judged at the same time, can seem like just too much to handle for someone in addiction.  Again, the drug of choice can become an escape that seems easier than sobriety ever could.

A program can be designed to simply ignore those challenges which a patient brings to recovery, or it can be designed intentionally and creatively to help an addict acknowledge and overcome them.  This second approach, which takes a holistic and individualized approach to recovery, is the one that produces the strongest results for addictions who want to achieve life-long freedom from addiction.  The medical professionals who help the addict to maintain a stable and healthy physical life inside recovery will remediate problems that may have arisen during addiction and teach skills that will help the addict survive the world outside of recovery.  The addiction specialist psychotherapists, psychologists and other recovery professions are there to supply the addict with enough caring and support to ensure that the program is successful.

Without the understanding and acceptance of an addict’s family and friends, recovery can seem overwhelming and some addicts have trouble finding the point in all of the work that’s required.  However, a world-class recovery and substance abuse treatment program will help the addict address problems in relationships that may have developed during addiction, develop skills that allow the addict to be direct and honest, while maintaining relationships and give the family or other unit an opportunity to reconnect and create  a future.

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