Understanding Addiction and the Unique Ways That it Impacts Society

Understanding addiction.
An addict’s strongest defense against addiction is a true and deep understanding of the disease of addiction.

So many programs focus on either the biological management of addiction as a disease, which is incredibly important, or take an approach that’s skewed toward the psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction, that the patient does not get a true understanding of all of the elements that came together to form addiction in the first place.  When the patient leaves recovery and re-enters a life fraught with challenges to sobriety every day, they need an arsenal of response.  One of the best guns in that arsenal is information.

When a recovery program sets out to help addicts, it is generally from a position of their strength.  The program may be founded by psychologists, so it will help the addict achieve extraordinary mental and emotional skills which can help keep addiction at bay. Sometimes medical professionals such as physicians come together to design and open a world-class treatment facility.  This is a facility that probably has extraordinary medical and physiological treatment for addicts.  The professional recovery team that is helping an addict needs to be balanced, however, and when a recovery facility is designed by someone who has faced addiction themselves, it is a good bet that the whole addict will be treated during recovery at an addict-centered facility.

Each addict, after all, is more than a medical patient, and more than a therapist’s client.  The addict in recovery is part of a community, sometimes a workplace, and usually a family.  Those roles are particularly meaningful in the lives of women, who support so many people during their day-to-day responsibilities, and sometimes retreat into addiction as an escape from the expectations of life.  The recovery treatment and therapy program that has female addicts at center stage because it’s designed by a recovered, female addict, is one that can be counted on to bring the real deal in terms of addiction recovery services.

The emotional and mental skills an addict needs to be building in order to find balance can be very difficult.  Providing challenges that range from recalling early life abuses and disappointments to the current day need for social responses and skills that the woman may not have in her arsenal, there are myriad components that must be addressed prior to sending a woman back out into the world, ready to battle addiction.  In fact, long after the recovery program has completed, the excellent treatment facility should offer the woman an opportunity to remain as part of the recovery community.  Alum groups and meetings are a frequent part of life in recovery for those who graduate from a superior program.

During recovery, the fears that women face about the wellbeing of those who depend upon them are unique, and often well founded. When a program has a heart like a woman who understands those fears and what can be done to ease the process of recovery for each woman, the chances of an addict staying in sobriety are greatly increased.

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