Fitterfirst Elevates Unhealthy Canadian Workplaces with the Revolutionary Sit-Stand VARIDESK


Celebrating 30 years of helping Canadians live more balanced lives, Fitterfirst founder and EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 finalist Louis Stack is gifting an Active Office Makeover to Calgary’s most deserving workplace.

CALGARY, AB – 14 Sep, 2015 – The numbers don’t lie – our sedentary workplace habits are killing us. 

From the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, to the American Heart Association and the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a barrage of health processionals have firmly declared, “Sitting is the new smoking.” 

The condition has been coined ‘the sitting disease’ by respected institutions like the Mayo Clinic, an organization that has concluded North Americans are sitting an average of 7.7 hours per day. That number grows significantly when our increasingly idle home life habits are factored in, including the staggering statistic that the average American watches 5.5 hours of television per day. 

The fact is, as a society we are moving less and sitting more, both in our office environments and beyond. Not only does this rob us of our mobility as we age, it leaves us vulnerable to an unnerving number of health conditions, from obesity to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and beyond.

Fitterfirst founder Louis Stack was an early adopter of the idea that our dangerously sedentary lifestyles are a catalyst for serious injury, loss of mobility, unhealthy aging and an overall ‘early death sentence.’ Having committed his highly successful 30-year entrepreneurial career to providing Canadians with the tools needed for what he refers to as ‘SAM – increasing Stability in daily living to improve Agility at play and maintain Mobility for life,’ Stack saw an enormous opportunity to capture people where they are most regularly doing damage to their health on a day-to-day basis. That is, the eight hours or more they are seated at their desk and slumped over in their chair. 

Stack cemented himself as a renegade leader in the sit-stand desk movement when he secured the exclusive Canadian rights to the revolutionary Varidesk – an affordable desktop computer stand that changes any seated workstation into a standing one in three seconds flat. 

“We rent out our fingers and our minds to our employers. If we choose to donate our spine, core and future health, that’s our fault, not theirs,” said the 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. “As organizations and employees across North America start taking a stand for their health with sit-stand desks in the workplace, products like the Varidesk are proving to be a game changer.” 

In fact, the Varidesk is the cornerstone of what Stack calls the ‘Active Office,’ and has become a top-selling, easy and affordable solution for elevating any workstation. What takes just seconds to adjust can make a lifetime of difference in the longterm health of any employee, young or old. 

Coinciding with the National Healthy Aging Month of September, Fitterfirst is celebrating its 30th anniversary by gifting a deserving non-profit organization in Calgary with a complete Active Office Makeover that includes up to five Varidesks and a range of fun and functional complimentary accessories.

Fitterfirst is asking Calgarians to nominate a charitable or not-for-profit office of their choice until Sept. 18 by emailing with the subject line, “Nominate a Charity,” and including the nominee’s contact info. In doing so, they will automatically be entered to win their own Varidesk Laptop 30, the best model for home use. 

Nominees will be notified, and have until Sept. 25 to submit their official application for an Active Office Makeover. The winning workplace will be announced Oct. 1, with their exciting office makeover taking place later that month.

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