The Mov3 fitness club made especially for kids in Philadelphia starts a fundraiser

To train the kids in Philadelphia for better performance in sports and general fitness, the idea to open a fitness club Mov3 was born and a crowd funding campaign has been started on Gofundme to implement the same.

The trainers got concerned when they saw that the kids were not conditioned to play sports while they were training them for baseball, basketball and football in North east Philadelphia.

They observed the lack of mobility and general fitness among them which could affect their performance during games which led to the plan of creating Mov3 in the area.

The trainers put their skills and efforts to work for training the kids for sports and there they found a need to help the local community. As far as gyms are concerned, they feels that they can only work upon the general fitness but not provide particular training required to increase mobility and enhance performance in sports.

The Mov3 is promised to be a result focused fitness club which will help the kids to move better, gain scholarships and ultimate lead them to a happy and healthy life.

There are not many fitness clubs in North East Philadelphia which raised the need of creating one. The goal of the campaign is to raise $300k and the amount will be utilized to purchase or rent an open space in North East Philadelphia. Some part of it will also be used for purchasing the equipments.

The campaigners have urged everyone; especially people from Philadelphia to come out and join the campaign by donating or simply sharing it on social media. So far the campaign has raised $10 but it hopes to pick up the pace as more and more people get to know about the noble cause.

The club once successful will also be available for adults to help them re gain or enhance their mobility, thus, helping the local community achieving a healthy lifestyle. The club aims to reach to the point where it can benefit not only the kids but other people as well, including those with mobility issues and help them regain their life through sports medicine.



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