Crossfit Shoes Critic Publishes New Review of The Reebok Nano 3 And New Balance Minimus 20v3

Crossfit Shoes Critic has published a pair of new reviews on their website, detailing the two competing brands’ efforts against seven key criteria to see which comes out on top.

Exercise is undergoing a revolution in the 21st century, as sports science allows us to zero in on the most effective and economical methods of working out to get the maximum results. In all cases however exercise requires the right equipment to be done safely, and the most important foundation of that equipment is the shoes. Crossfit Shoes Critic is a website that reviews exercise shoes, and has now published new reviews of the latest Crossfit and cross-training exercise shoes from two major brands.

Both reviews evaluate the shoes according to their fit, comfort, performance, durability, weight, cost and purpose. Each of the shoes is found to excel in different areas, though both give a strong showing throughout. It is left to the concluding paragraphs to give actionable advice and recommendations to readers, who might find the two products hard to separate. 

The Reebok model (, the site concludes, come with a lot of high tech innovation smothered in too much jargon to be accessible to any but the most hardened CrossFit enthusiasts, though the result is still an amazing shoe. The New Balance ( effort however is $20 cheaper, and is a very good all round exercise shoe, meaning one choice is better for purists and the other better for cross-trainers.

A spokesperson for Crossfit Shoes Critic explained, “Reebok now have an official partnership with Crossfit, which allows them to thoroughly research and respond to the needs of this very specific regime. New Balance is more interested in creating the ultimate workout shoe for all. As such, both have come up with some impressive results, and the choice as to which is the right purchase falls more to budget and usage considerations than the brand or quality.”

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Crossfit Shoes Critic is an online resource center helping users to find the best pair of crossfit shoes for their needs. The site keeps updated on the latest product releases from the many competing brands, and offers comprehensive, insightful and actionable user advice in the form of detailed reviews. The site also offers a buying guide to help individuals make their own informed consumer decisions.

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