Agar Io Hack Updates Hack Tool To Work On All Devices, and Expands To Four Features

Agar Io Hack has created a new version of its popular hack tool with more features and increased compatibility, enabling more gamers to take advantage of the tool.

Agar Io is a unique online mobile phone game in which individuals control a cell, which can eat smaller cells and be eaten by bigger cells. They must navigate a map to escape danger and hunt prey, and the more successful they are, the bigger their cell. The game has thousands of players, ensuring there is always someone bigger, which is why frustrated players look for a hack tool. Agar Io Hack ( has now made their hack tool available for Windows, as well as iOS and Android, and have added new features to make it better than ever.

The new version includes a map zoom functionality which allows people to get a wider view of the surrounding territory, allowing them to plan their direction and ensure they don’t run into larger predators, while locating potential targets. It also includes a speed booster, which allows people to outrun larger predators and catch up with smaller prey. This is in addition to the existing double size and invisibility features.

The Windows compatibility means the hack tool can now be used on Windows phones and PCs, where an increasing number of players use the app. 

A spokesperson for Agar Io Hack explained, “We have made our hack tool universally available so no matter the operating system players are using, they can use our tool to secure the same great advantages as other users. With new features added to the tool, it is now the most comprehensive example of its kind, and offers players more subtle ways of gaining the advantage than disappearing or doubling in size. We look forward to seeing more users than ever downloading our tool and getting the best out of their Agar Io gaming experience.”

About Agar Io Hack:

Agar Io Hack is an online resource center dedicated to helping people find the best ways in which to hack the popular cell based online mobile phone game, Agar Io. The website features a tool that can allow people to do unique things in the game giving them a crucial advantage over other players, allowing them to maximize their gaming enjoyment.

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