Successfully Enrolling in a Treatment Program

Moving past the first and most difficult step can be motivating.
For many people, the first step to receiving treatment is the most difficult in multiple ways.

Not only is receiving treatment an enormous emotional and mental commitment to a permanent physical change as well as lifestyle change, it’s daunting to take on the logistical arrangements in the midst of such a traumatic, turbulent and uncertain time.  For many people who are somewhat disrupted by the process of realizing that addiction recovery treatment is needed, the difficulties that can be inherent in arranging insurance, packing for the journey to the treatment center, getting transportation arranged, and making financial payments for treatment, as well as the emotionally draining, embarrassing and sometimes traumatic admissions and confessions that come along after enrollment is beyond a whirl-wind.  It can feel more like standing in the middle of a tornado.

Fortunately, the treatment centers that offer the best service to individuals struggling with addiction seeking recovery are designed to give support to people and families who are in need when starting down the path to sobriety.  Most treatment centers have various requirements for those who are admitted to their programs.  These requirements are designed knowing the limitations of the facility, the staff, and the program platform.  When reaching out to a treatment center for the first time, many questions that the admissions staff will ask are related to determining whether an individual is a good fit for treatment and the facility’s capabilities.

When there are financial questions which can impact the addict’s ability to attend the facility’s recovery program, the admissions staff should be able to answer most of those questions, or refer the patient to the appropriate resources.  When a patient has insurance information available during the call to the admissions staff that will help determine eligibility and the processes required in order to satisfy the insurance claim requirements.

The admission professionals will not be the only people who take part in helping the addict get logistics resolved prior to arriving at treatment.  Questions about transportation, finances, and even what to pack upon arrival at treatment in hopes of recovery are all very common questions that no one should be embarrassed or afraid to ask.  Everyone involved with patient care at a premier recovery center knows that patients entering therapy for alcohol and drug addiction have a lot on their minds, and while everyone will expect the patient to take an active role in preparing to recover, nobody will mind answering questions and helping to make the patient feel more relaxed about the process.


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