Single Sex Treatment Programs

For boys and men who are struggling with any facet of their personal development, the safe and encouraging environment of a men’s group can be the factor that is needed to help generate a strong and meaningful identity that can take men far in the world.
Although studies about the efficacy of single sex education have had highly variable results, when it comes to the girls and women who participate in ladies-only education, and for the men in male-only programs is higher levels of focus, stronger retention of material, the ability to learn in a way that is more natural to them, and a generally higher level of perceived and objectively measured success.

The stresses and motivators that act upon the life of a boy or man in the modern American world are hugely variable, depending on where the guy lives and what kind of a socioeconomic background he has enjoyed; however, there are some consistent forces pushing men toward addiction behaviors in society. The demands for performance, be it physical, mental or economic, is never ending.  The self-perception of men who have not been able to live up to the requirements imposed by others, even well-meaning family members, can result in damaged self-esteem, an inability to relate to others, a fear of success and a general decline into the behaviors that often foster addiction and ultimately reinforce social failures.  The spiral of addiction behavior is difficult, if not impossible, for someone to break on their own.  Strength of will alone is not going to serve the man who’s trying to get his live back on track.  Often, the presence of other men who are also struggling, or who have come out the other side of addiction safely and with their self-concept intact, is what can help a guy get back to a life that’s not controlled by substance abuse.

It is both common wisdom and a scientifically proven fact that many boys and men learn better when they are taught experientially.  Being able to kinetically embed information enables greater retention for guys than it does for women.  Recovery programs which strive to help men get away from addiction are going to enjoy greater levels of long term success if they are able to embed a great deal of active, experiential learning in order to embed information more easily for men.

In addition, the programs that help men the most are those which provide a safe and comfortable space in which men can open up and share their emotions with other men.  The self-censoring, blaming and self-condemnation that may come from very early experience lead many men suffering from addiction to be very circumspect in large, multi-gender groups.  Having a round table of similar men who they can share with is a unique and valuable experience for many, including men suffering from addiction and substance abuse.

When men are given the right environment, built on the success of the twelve step programs that have helped millions in recovery, addiction can be remedied.  Recovery is an option.


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