The Latest 3D Toy to Hit the Market: Loom Launcher

An Idea born into cyberspace that 3D Prints into reality and shoots mini rubber bands for loads of FUN! The rubber band launcher reinvented for the 21st century.
It all started when a vintage rubber band gun made using 19th century tools mixing the same idea based on how it would look in today’s 21st century technology.

New age toys are taking off!

Nothing has been released quite like this. Imagine a toy that has accurate aim, unique and precise design, and is appropriate for all ages. It all started out with a stick, and after many handmade keyboard strokes and 27 prototypes later, the exciting Loom Launcher was invented and released in April of 2015. It’s the world’s first 3D printed, mechanical, self-priming and mechanical rubber-band launcher. A great amount of thought and effort went into the design of each Loom Launcher. Creator Adrian Van Wijk has meticulously designed this product to be as risk free as possible, eliminating all hazards. Over two dozens of Loom Launchers have been tested to destruction to ensure durability.

What makes Loom Launchers so Incredibly Unique?

The durability and intricate design of each gun has evolved into one of the most popular toys on the market. Loom Launchers are lightweight and can shoot and load up to 12 mini rubber bands at a time. What makes this design unique is that all parts are printed together and go with a laser powered 3D printer, and the energy needed to make the mechanism work comes from the elastic bands that are loaded into the launcher.

There are multiple styles of Loom Launchers to satisfy anyone’s style preferences. Like when shopping for an actual gun, there are many varieties of Loom Launchers. From the Classic or Princess model to the new laser-pointer attached Powershot, with so many unique designs, it is the perfect gift for anyone young at heart. The mini rubber bands can shoot up to a distance of 3-4 meters but with the Standard Stretch and Power Stretch, it can easily shoot up to 4-5 meters. Each design of Loom Launchers has different distances. Loom Launchers recently came up with “Zombie-Apocalypse” targets to help improve aim for practice. With these little zombies to shoot at, don’t be surprised when Loom Launchers are on everyone’s wish lists. It’s a rubber band launcher reinvented for the 21st century, what is there not to like about that?

Check out the Loom Launcher on 3D Printed Rubber Band Shooter and find out the FUN you are missing out on!

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