Jeremy DeMerchant Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists with the book Put Me In Coach Vol 1

Jeremy DeMerchant, author, speaker and owner of Permission to Sell, of Fredericton, NB, Canada, tops best seller lists with the book Put Me In Coach Vol 1. This book features coaches from around the world that reveal their top strategies for success in life and business.

Jeremy DeMerchant isn’t afraid of asking the important questions, “Are you daring enough to take on life’s challenges?” “Do you desire to kick start your life?” “Are you looking for some inspiration to deal with life’s problems?” He knows the answers to those questions come at a great cost, they entail giving up comfort, security and safety. However, he encourages his readers to find those answers and act on them, “Make the bold step today and create the necessary impact in your life, community as well as the world.”

The book hit best-seller lists on in Canada and Australia within 24 hours. It was ranked #1 in the “Ethics” category, as well as #3 in Kindle “Consulting” and #4 in the overall books “Small Business and Entrepreneurship” category.

“Put Me in Coach Vol 1”, The World’s Leading Coaches and Entrepreneurs reveal their TOP STRATEGIES For the Game of Life and Business, contains material gathered and authored from top coaches from around the world. It is aimed at inspiring readers to rise up after a fall, wake up from the deep slumber and step into the life they desire. The book contains tips and strategies to improve health, deal with social problems, and build a solid business DeMerchant’s first experience in entrepreneurship was when he started a commission sales job selling life insurance at age 22. He learned that even working 14 hour days, without the right sales strategy your success is far from guaranteed. The moment when he decided his future was in the personal development space was in February of 2007. Jeremy had the opportunity to see Tony Robbins live. He recalls, “At one point he asked the entire audience to rise to their feet, and jump in unison. The energy in the room was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was right then and there that I decided I needed to be making this kind of impact in people’s lives.”

When he first launched his business, Jeremy was fired up about the freedom of working for himself, and terrified about the rejection that would inevitably come from self-promotion. He believes the best thing he did was hire a coach from day one. He found someone who had been through the journey he was about to embark on, and leveraged his experience to get a head start in his business.

He still made his own mistakes along the way. Exploring new ways to deliver value to his clients did not always pan out the way he had hoped. As a result, he learned a very important lesson, the amount of a client’s investment is directly proportional to the level of commitment they have to achieving the result. With that understanding, he went on to create a program called Permission to Sell Academy, where he shows coaches how to build their business to support their desired lifestyle, including their desired schedule and income level. The core focus is shifting the way coaches think about sales. This mindset is key to transitioning a business from exhausting to exhilarating.

Jeremy DeMerchant is available for book signings, as well as speaking engagements.

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