Jason Womack, Cofounder of The Womack Company Coaches Leaders to Be Their Best on Business Innovators Radio Show

Jason Womack, Cofounder of the Womack Company, discusses what busy people with big goals need to do when faced with making changes, so they can achieve greatness in their careers as well as personal lives.

Jason Womack was interviewed by Business Innovators Radio Show host, Stewart Andrew Alexander on the topic of what busy people with big dreams need to do to when faced with changing themselves, so they can achieve greatness in their career as well as personal life.

Womack explains, “There are three things that come together which makes it easier to become a more successful leader, and that’s whether you are an entrepreneur, a parent or community leader. The first is your skillset, specifically around communication, and getting a group of people around you to buy into the vision that you are thinking is possible. The second one would be your actual toolkit, how you are using your tools in the current economy, just knowing a few more tools can serve you well.” The third is mindset, and how you think about what you think.

On the topic of mindset, Womack speaks in detail about the silent critic within, and when are you at your best. “Write down at the top of a piece of paper, I am at my best when. Then list the conditions that can increase the likelihood that enable you to not only recognize the inner voice that holds you back from achieving your dreams, but that enable you to move beyond it.”

When asked, “When you are clear about what you are best at, does that create a massive shift in your life?”, Womack replied, “It follows the belief that where my attention goes, action follows. Where action goes, belief is the result. Focus, action, belief. If we continue to revolve in the belief pattern that we once had as children, adolescents or even as teenagers, we need to change our attention, then we change or action, and then we start to chip away at our beliefs.” 

Womack also spoke about his dream of schools all around the world, where every morning, teachers will look out at their students and ask them, “When are you at your best, and how can we help you to achieve that?” 

He thinks this could create a massive shift in the consciousness of the planet. During the radio show, Jason said “Imagine a world where young children were brought up in an environment where adult leaders ask, ‘When are you at your best?’ Then those leaders made it their job to create the environment and conditions for students to achieve that.” Jason believes that in his lifetime we could change how we get along with each other.

Learn more about Jason Womack, Cofounder of the Womack Company and co-author of the forthcoming book “Get Momentum: How to Start, When You’re Stuck” (Wiley, 2016) by visiting his website at www.GetMomentum.com or go to: www.goo.gl/QT23nC to listen to his interview on the Business Innovators Radio Show.

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