Important Qualities to Look for While Shopping for an Addiction Treatment Program

There are different methodologies, programs that focus on the twelve steps or aggressively do not focus on the twelve steps, and anecdotal evidence of what worked for one person, but might not work for another, making locating the right recovery treatment facility as complicated as shopping for a new car.
For any addict or loved one of an addict, the process of reviewing hundreds of addiction treatment options can be very threatening.

There are some features of an addiction recovery treatment program which should remain true, no matter what the philosophy of the program. For instance, a setting that is peaceful, private, and sufficiently comfortable is important. There are physical, mental and emotional components to working through addiction to recovery, and an environment which is too stimulating, does not offer enough privacy for the addict to feel secure, or is dramatically uncomfortable will not facilitate recovery.

The discomfort factor can be especially difficult to predict, since the process of recovering from drug or alcohol abuse or addiction is by its nature uncomfortable.  When an addict expresses that they do not feel at ease with a facility, it can be helpful to dig into the root of that rejection. Not having private rooms, for instance, may be part of a therapy model that understands the role of isolation in addiction and compensates by fostering human contact.

Another component of a proper addiction treatment program is an evidence-based approach. This means that the facility offers a type of treatment that is based on scientific, empirical research that results in the best information available today. As science makes huge leaps into understanding addiction’s roots, the best ways to treat addiction, and what simply does not work well, an evidence based therapy program will refine and update their methodology to reflect what is current and proven. A recovery treatment program ensures that the addicts in treatment will reach recovery on the foundation of the best information available, with the least discomfort, because science is behind the tactics employed.

Another industry term that those seeking treatment may encounter is “multi-modal.” Addiction is a disease with multiple components, and almost every area of the human experience touches the addiction. The physical body, of course, plays a large role in the biological and chemical addiction process, as well as in the recovery process.  The emotional well-being of the patient is what often leads to addiction in the first place, and damage to the addict’s self-esteem, personal concept and boundary systems must be healed in order for the patient to progress toward recovery. Finally, the mental aspects of addiction recovery often involve recognizing reality and eliminating self-deception and justification from the addict’s mental processes. These will be replaced by a very talented, experienced therapist, with skills that will help the addict avoid relapse once back out in the world living a sober life.

When shopping for an addiction treatment program, one of the key factors an individual will want to consider is accreditation.  The American Society of Addiction Medication (ASAM) sets standards for facilities, treatment professionals and staff.  A world-class treatment facility will exceed these standards. 

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