How Stress can be a Precursor to Addiction

Stress can lead to many side effects, and of the negative effects, addiction is the worst.
Most modern lives offer a fair bit of stress. Phones and other mobile devices are making noise keeping everyone constantly connected. There are individuals who, without meaning to, require more and more of our attention. There are emergencies that come up like, health concerns, issues with children, jobs, and living situations. Finances are a worry for most people in the modern economy.

Modern living offers little incentive or opportunity for most people to develop a safe, personal space in which they are able to physically, mentally and emotionally relax. The phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” is commonly heard, because there is not even enough time for many people to get a solid night of rest. The cycle of increased stress, followed by a lull, followed by increased stress, is how the human mind and body are designed to work.  A constant stream of stress, which is rarely interrupted, can be very damaging to mental capacities like memory, emotional resilience, and physical systems in the body.  It is no wonder that when some individuals become overloaded with stress, they turn to drugs or alcohol to provide a quick, chemically induced change.

For some individuals, using alcohol or drugs enables them to relax fairly quickly, without learning the mental and emotional controls that would let them induce a relaxed state on their own, organically.  For some individuals, the drugs allow them to reach a higher level of awareness even on little to no sleep. In either case, depending on drugs or alcohol to be able to cope with life means that there is something wrong. Addiction can easily take hold of an individual making them unable to deal with their situations without drinking or using.

A proper addiction recovery and treatment program will offer the addict more than just detox from the physical drug addiction. The therapy that patients participate in, both group therapy and individual therapy, is designed to help the addict investigate their own triggers, thus mentally and emotionally preparing them for reentry to the world, without the crutch of their drug. For many individuals, the hardest part of sober living is determining the right tactics to employ to get through the difficulties that many people encounter every day.

Stress relief exercises are a part of a great therapy and recovery program. Working out the physical body helps the mind relax and respond to stressful situations in a healthy manner.  Medication can be utilized which can encourage stability and peace, and experiential therapies like laughing therapy or animal therapy are options that can allow the addict to access a more creative and receptive part of their mind.  Feelings of control, competence and connection help to combat the emotional triggers of shame, depression and isolation which can bring an addict to the point of using or relapsing.  For the addict who needs a new way to cope, seeking treatment at a high quality facility is the way to get started.

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