Swedish businessman takes a swing at Alibaba and eBay and launches 39 language online marketplace

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – 16 Sep, 2015 – After 25 years of wrestling the language barriers of international trade, a Swedish businessman launches a 39 language online marketplace, addressing 5.5 billion people.

Swedish entrepreneur and international businessman Andreas Isaksson, founder of the multilingual advertisement web portal Commercus.com, available in 39 languages (and counting), allowing buyers and sellers in more than 100 of the world’s most populated markets to easily communicate with each other.

According to Isaksson, Commercus.com is the only true multilingual ad web portal on the market. “If you want to buy or sell a product or service, just post your ad in your own language – and then select the languages you would like it to be translated into,” he explains. “Our translation service will convert the content of your ad and will display it in your chosen languages on the site.

Commercus.com offers more than 400 categories of goods and services, and applies machine translation into any of the available languages at a rate of €3 per language. This is in contrast to existing alternatives that are often country specific and based on a single language. “Some people will say that machine translation is not 100% accurate but there are no real cost effective alternatives. If you would like to present your product or service to a bigger audience an ad that is 97% correct from an language point of view is better than no advertisement at all.”

Isaksson says that Commercus.com is an idea whose time has come. “In an age of globalization the world is full of people who would like to do business and sell and buy products or services, but one significant obstacle has remained,” he says. “Although it’s easy to transfer money instantly, and transportation is relatively cheap, more and more free trade agreements evolves but the language barrier remains a big barrier. Commercus.com was founded to knock down that barrier and open up a new era of truly global commerce.”

In the past quarter-century Isaksson has done business all around the world, working in Iran, Russia, Hungary, and Turkey among other places, and later partnering with a Japanese machine manufacturer – not bad for a farm boy from Gothenburg, Sweden. Though he often used interpreters to communicate with his clients, language barriers were a recurring issue. “Having to depend on interpreters to communicate with clients can sometimes be like trying to find your way in total darkness,” he says.

One point he came to realize in his years of conducting business all over the globe was that English, though very useful and widely spoken, is not the universal language it had long been touted to be. “That’s nothing against English,” he says. “But English speakers who don’t speak any other languages are limited if they want to do business globally, unless they have an interpreter, or a powerful tool like Commercus.com. It is the same the other way around, there are more people on this planet that do not speak English at all and have a very limited possibility to reach outside their own country.”

One thing you do not realize is the impact commercus.com also could have for domestic advertising. It could preferably be used in US on a domestic basis then US have big minorities of people that only speaks Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese or Filipino. All these languages are supported by Commercus.com and could be a feasible tool to communicate domestically in US to be able to reach the entire population. Same goes for Europe with large Arabic speaking minorities as an example. Maybe you would like to have parts of your homepage published in a number of languages, no problem, Commercus.com takes care of it. It just the fantasy that’s sets the limit for Commercus.com

If you do not need translation you can use Commercus.com in just one single language and then it works like most advertisement portals. Theoretically Commercus.com could replace almost all portals existing worldwide today.

As an incentive for new users of Commercus.com, the first 150,000 advertisements – including translations – are completely free. “I think that once people discover how easy it is to use our service, and they see how it helps them reach new markets, they’ll want to use us again and again. Users can easily promote a product or service and reach a 5.5 billion audience,” says Isaksson.

He adds, “Success in business depends upon success in presenting your offer. But if you can’t communicate with your clients that’s a real challenge. Commercus.com is opening up new streams of communication and therefore of commerce and trade, offering everyone a way to advertise products and services on a genuinely global level for the first time. Commercus.com is a game changer.”

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