New Branded Entertainment Software Company Announces Its First Round of Product Placement Deals


Game Changing Software Developer, Brandwood Global, Inc., Matches Capo-Nata and Film “2000 Vinyasas” During Software’s Beta Phase

LOS ANGELES, CA – 16 Sep, 2015 – Los Angeles based, branded entertainment software company, Brandwood Global, Inc. announces that its algorithm has successfully produced its first match between an activewear company that blends comfort, functionality and style, with 2000 Vinyasas, a female-led romantic comedy that follows the life of a woman who heals her past emotional wounds through yoga during its initial beta phase.

Brandwood Global CEO and Co-founder, Stephanie Weier, encourages brands and content creators alike to join her service.  “Our summer beta launch has been very exciting as we saw our first deal between a film and brand get matched and closed in hours as opposed to days,” says Weier.  “That’s the beauty of our software – it takes the hassle and complication out of traditional brand deals.  And, it widens the playing field to make deals accessible and affordable to emerging brands and content creators on a variety of platforms.”

Natascha Hopkins, Founder and CEO of Capo-Nata activewear, commented on the simplicity and accessibility of the Brandwood site, “The process was extremely easy.  Online seminars were offered, so my mind was at ease during the entire process.  Also, I believe the Brandwood software will save time, energy and ensure accuracy.”

Justine Bierne, producer of 2000 Vinyasas, was excited about the match.  “I think a project like 2000 Vinyasas would have been outside of a traditional brand integration deal because of our size.  The best part is that Brandwood’s software streamlines and democratizes the process.  Brands are matched with projects that are the right size, so it creates natural win wins for everyone.  Stephanie’s confidence in our film and inclusion make me feel so grateful.”

For more information on Brandwood Global or to participate in the beta launch through the end of August, please visit www. or email

About Brandwood Global

Brandwood Global was established in 2014 to level the playing field for content creators and brands for branded entertainment opportunities.  Brandwood Global is a 2015 Industry Sponsor at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Currently, the company is offering placement in content across film, digital and video gaming platforms in the US and Canadian markets.  It will soon expand platforms to include celebrity endorsements, live events, music videos and commercials.  Prior to founding Brandwood Global, Stephanie Weier has successfully led her own product resources company, The Domain Group, for 15 years.

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