The Child Exit Empowerment Community is working to change lives of the less privileged children

While a number of people are living in the luxury of their homes, eating at a fancy restaurant and buying expensive clothes, millions of children in the world are dying of hunger, starving for a drop of water and suffering from deadly diseases.

The co-existence of these contradictory worlds is the harsh reality of the world but there is much that can be done to improve the situations of these children and provide them with a normal and happy childhood.

Child Exit Empowerment Community is a Non-profit organization which has taken a step forward to change the lives of these children who are far away from living a normal childhood and suffer due to poverty stricken places they grow into. One of such places is in West Africa where thousands of children suffer from Hunger and malnutrition and many die daily because of poor medical treatment, lack of food, clean water and care.

These little kids have to drink water from the dirty pool of stagnant water, sleep on dirty floors which causes them to catch infection from lice, flies and worms. They grow up without education due to lack of money and resources.

The organization works by running campaigns to gather support and donations from people all around the globe to help improve the condition of these children. According to the research by Unicef in 2008, at least 3.8 million children die each year due to poor nutrition and children who are malnourished suffer illness up to 160 days each year.

The diseases like measles and malaria affect many children in poverty and drought stricken countries of the world and take lives of many. Several children suffer from other epidemic diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, kwashiorkor and malnutrition multiplies the affect of these diseases even more. Diseases like diarrhea reduce the body fluids and lead to malnutrition as well.

The donations done to the NGO will help in creating a water reservoir in these countries to deal with the water scarcity problem. Another issue that this NGO has considered is the exploitation of children as some Senegalese marabouts are accused of recruiting young boys from Senegal to enroll into their schools where they train them for begging on streets.

They are threatened, exploited while their teachers take all the profit. The NGO runs campaigns to prevent such acts and the donation by people helps them in the execution of their plan. The ultimate aim of Child Exit Empowerment Community is to create awareness among people and encourage them to donate as much as they can to improve the life under privileged children across the African continent and more.

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