The book “A Shift toward Purpose” can help people uncover their passions and dreams and find a meaningful career

Most people live their lives according to the societal prejudices, conventional norms and get stuck in a kind of life and career where they don’t belong. For those who feel unsatisfied or unhappy with their job and look for a career that aligns with their passion, talent and values, the book “A Shift toward Purpose: Secrets to an Amazing Career” is promised to be a blessing.

Author, Millen Livis, who holds an MBA degree, has written this book keeping in mind thousands of people who are not able to figure out the authentic career and path to success for themselves. In this book, she talks about why a person needs to have a purpose in life and about the importance of doing meaningful work.

The book has a few ‘how-to’s: it discusses how to discover the most suitable or authentic career choice and when it is the right time to make a change in life. Through this book, the reader will also get to know about how they can make a successful transition into a new career and learn to skillfully communicate in a professional setting. This motivational book also helps the reader identify and eliminate the limiting beliefs they may have in order to achieve success in their job or career.

The book is currently available on Amazon in Kindle format and includes a free audiobook as well. It also received rave 5-star reviews from several readers: Joanna Lindenbaum, Women’s Business & Empowerment Coach said about the book, “This is a wonderful manual for anyone at any age looking to find more meaning in their life and their work.”

This book is a wonderful choice for those looking for success in their business, job or career and also for students seeking a good education and happiness in their lives.

About the Author:

Millen Livis is a writer, transformational coach, entrepreneur and possibilities’ catalyst. She worked previously as a Wall Street executive and is now a successful entrepreneur, mother and wife. She has applied her vast professional and personal experience in life into writing her debut book to help people attain more success, happiness and joy in life.


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