The Latest Technological Developments in the 3D Printing Process

3D printing is continually growing and evolving.
3D printing is used to describe the process of making 3D model of objects.

These objects are made by using stabilizer materials. The 3D printing market includes 3D printers, printing materials, and repair providers. The major market for 3D printing is in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Other markets are also expected to show exponential growth rates. The market for 3D printing can be easily classified into aerospace, automotive, consumer, government & defense, education & research, and many others. However, 3D printing application in healthcare is most likely expected to grow at the highest levels over the predicted period.

Listed below are several areas which involve the latest 3D Printing technology Process


This industry was one of the first to adopt 3D printing to produce vehicle parts. In 2014, the Swedish car manufacturer, Koenigsegg, released a supercar one: 1.The car is composed of 3D printed side-mirror internals, air ducts, exhaust components, and other parts of the vehicles have been completely developed through 3D printing as well.Fashion

3D printing is extensively used in the field of clothing with fashion designers implementing 3D-printing for making bikinis, shoes, and dresses. In commercial production, Nike uses 3D printing techniques to produce samples and manufacture the 2012 Vapor Laser Talon football shoe for football players of American football, and New Balance is the custom-fit shoes manufactured using 3D printing for athletes.


Previously, before the innovation of 3D printing, models of buildings and houses were constructed by hand, often taking a long amount of time. Architects were forced to show drawings of their projects to the clients. Recently, architects and firms use 3D printing to produce small scale models for clients. It helps in constructing a 3D view in a relatively short period of time. Thus, the production time is also reduced by about 50 to 80 percent.


3D printing process has been used to make patient specific implants and devices that can be used for medical purposes. It was also used in many operations such as a titanium pelvis implanted into a patient, titanium lower jaw transplanted and a plastic tracheal splint for an infant. 3D printing technology is also expected to tremendously show growth and development in the hearing aid and dental industries. Lately, surgeons in Swansea used 3D printed parts to reconstruct the face of a motorcyclist who had been gravely injured in a road accident. Research is also being performed on methods to replace lost tissue due to arthritis and cancer.

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