Top 5 Reason Why Go For Sapphire Engagement Rings For Your Big Day

17 Sep, 2015 – Sapphires are gorgeous gemstones that are purchased and loved for their deep blue color with an aesthetic appeal. These gems can be worn don a regular basis, and this is the reason that sapphire rings are gaining more and more popularity. In addition, sapphire is a valuable gemstone, but less expensive than diamond, so sapphire rings can be easy on your pocket. Today, most of the people prefer purchasing blue sapphires, but it is available in some other attractive colors, including purple as well.

There are plenty of reason that why should you buy a Sapphire Engagement Ring for your beloved one. We can not mention all the reasons here, but providing you top 5 once below:


Sapphire gemstone has been considered to provide powerful protection all throughout time, and they help against, cancer, burns,inflammation and any evil thought processes. Besides, these gems also assist the hard of hearing and provide  happiness, wisdom, faith and truth to all who wear it. 

Tradition Of Sapphire

When King Solomon used sapphires from way back in history  as his Royal seal, and beforehand Popes recommended that their Bishops wore it as a mark of their rank, and recently Prince Charles magnificently presented Lady Diana with her brilliant cluster.

Color Of Sapphire

These stones are available in all colours means you have huge choices except as mentioned earlier that of red. Sapphire stones are to be found in  orange, purple, green, pink, yellow and orange/pink hues, and most often chosen of colours, blue. 

Sapphire Hardness

Sapphire is the best companion when set with diamonds as it is the second hardest on the Mohs scale after diamond. Sapphire with diamond provides a ring that will provide confidence in wearing, because of its scratch,  robust and resistance properties for everyday usage.

The Birthstone Sapphire

Those people who are born in September or their Zodiac sign is in Cancer can wear the sapphire. If you wear this gem in your engagement ring, then you will be offered additional protection.

You can choose to buy sapphires over diamonds, rubies or emerald or other gemstones for their long lasting sturdiness and beauty. These stones are sturdy, strong and do not lose their beauty easily, which means if you have chosen sapphire engagement rings over other gemstone rings then you can wear them regularly for years. 

Today, a variety of Sapphire Engagement Rings, including blue sapphire engagement rings are available both online and offline so you must be ready to browse the catalogs for picking the right one. You must check out for the quality of the gems with the authenticity of the store as it will make sure that you only pay what the ring is worth for. If you have decided on sapphires ornaments then you would surely be able to attract your lady with your choice. If you are looking for value for your money, then you should surely get some fine engagement or wedding rings for your partner and choosing gemstones like sapphires is a great choice.

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