Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Set To Revolutionise Whiteboard Animation Software

Everyone knows and loves those clever whiteboard animated explainer videos. In recent times these hand drawn videos have experienced a massive gain in popularity and now there’s a fantastic new drag and drop software tool that can help you to create your very own whiteboard animations – and it won’t break the bank!

The much anticipated Version 3.0 release of Easy Sketch Pro is finally here, and it offers an abundant array of exciting new features which make it seriously worth your while to take a closer look.

As the name suggests, Easy Sketch Pro empowers you to create your own professional looking whiteboard video animations, and with Version 3.0 it has never been easier. With a massive inbuilt library of images and other content, you don’t have to worry if you cannot draw or if you’re not the most creative kid on the block – just grab the image you like, place it anywhere on the canvas and watch the software magically bring your new animation instantly to life.

For newcomers, Easy Sketch Pro has a few runs on the board and has been in circulation for a number of years now, with over 55,000 copies purchased. It has an established reputation as being the ‘go-to tool’ for the layman user. If you’re a ‘technical dunce’ there’s no need to worry. The software does not require a huge learning curve and you can be creating your very own animations in just minutes – perfect for the busy operator who simply hasn’t got the spare time to learn complicated new procedures and concepts.

Version 3.0 has some fabulously compelling new reasons to download your own copy. For example, it has a complete new easy to use dashboard and it blitzes previous releases by resolving a few of the old clunky quirks – such as slow video rendering and music selection. Most impressively though, with some smart new interactive features Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 raises the bar of standards for other whiteboard animation software packages to aspire to.

A host of remarkable new interactive features brilliantly enable you to direct consumers of your video creations to earn your campaign objectives and encourage sharing and distribution of your content – thereby enhancing your brand or product.

For example, you can easily overlay hot spots on your videos and you can also make changes to them later by using an online panel – even after your  presentations have been published to your YouTube, Vimeo or other hosting platform.

Some of the fantastic new features according to dot com flyboys and creators, Paul Lynch and Andrew Fox include:

 • Easily add & display YouTube and Vimeo videos within your presentation – a fantastic video in video capability.

 • Facebook, Twitter and other dynamic hot spot overlays are a breeze.

 • There are literally hundreds of ready-made overlay icons for you to incorporate as interactive elements.

 • URL redirects with calls to action

 • Branding of individual videos – add your own logo, web links and much more!

As for reporting and post production, a full suite of analysis capabilities is also provided for you to intelligently track the effectiveness of your published animations.

You can track viewer engagement levels. The software provides useful reporting of click through rates of the various smart links and interactive elements in your presentations. You also get a wealth of tracking data, such as the location of your viewers, the nature of their interaction with your hot spot elements and your smart overlay content and much more – too many parameters to list here.

When it comes to the price you cannot get a better deal than right now. Gone are the days of spending $500 or even $1000 per 30 seconds of video play time. 

For a limited time you can take advantage of an amazingly low introductory price of $29. Anyone can now afford to access the complete software package and begin creating their own professional doodle videos today.

To see whiteboard animated examples using Easy Sketch Pro 3.0, to find more information and purchase the software you can visit www.easysketchpro3.net

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