8 Tips for Dental Emergencies

Folllow the 8 tips to be prepared for any dental emergency.
Problems in the mouth and surrounding areas can be more than just uncomfortable, they can be extremely painful and potentially lead to additional problems.

Oral discomfort can happen any time or anywhere. True dental emergencies require a visit to the dentist in order to successfully prevent further complications. Here are step to apply immediately after the dental emergency occurs, before seeing the dentist:

1.  Losing a permanent tooth: It is very important to avoid touching the root of the tooth. Place the tooth in a cup of milk to recover it and seek a dentist immediately.

2.  Cold sores and canker sores: Medication for these can be purchased at a pharmacy, but if it does not go away, professional dental help should be employed.

3.  Jaw injuries: The mouth should be secured by keeping it shut with a towel tied around the head. Then seek medical attention.

4.  Excessive bleeding after losing a baby tooth: A piece of gauze should be positioned where the tooth is missing. The bleeding should subside after the gauze is bitten down upon for about fifteen minutes. If the bleeding continues seek a dental professional immediately.

5.  Toothache: Carefully and thoroughly clean around the sore tooth. Rinse the area with warm (not hot) salt water. If the pain continues longer than twenty-four hours, see your dentist. This could be a sign of a greater problem.

6.  Chipped, cracked, or broken tooth: The entire area should immediately be cleansed with warm, not hot, water. Next, apply a cold compress to the affected facial area. If there are any missing pieces of the tooth, they should be placed in a cup of milk. Then, go directly to the dentist.

7.  Bitten or cut mouth areas: If there is any swelling or bruising, ice should be applied immediately. If there is excessive bleeding, a sterile cloth should be placed on the area. If the bleeding persists, quickly go for help from a medical professional.

8.  Orthodontic Emergencies: Know that it is very common to experience discomfort with braces. Acetaminophen can be used to alleviate this discomfort. Most wire irritations can be relieved by removing the wire from the irritated area with a sterile cotton swab. If the irritation persists, immediately seek an orthodontist. Most other orthodontic emergencies will need to be handled by your orthodontist quickly.  

It is best to call the dentist before going to see them for a dental emergency to avoid wasting time in the waiting room. Calling the dentist immediately after a dental emergency occurs could save additional pain and costs.  

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