Excursion into the Hearth Reaps Rewards

When Wendy E. Slater put down her pen twenty years ago, she didn’t realize she would later create a series of mystical, spiritual poetry books.  Slater returned to her journey slowly, composing an occasional inspired poem. However, on a Vision Quest to Scotland, the words began to flow, then pour forth effortlessly. Upon return, the words continued to cascade onto one notepad after another.

“Writing and compiling the twenty volumes was equivalent to birthing 20 children in ten years’ time and every bit as painful and beautiful, but it was the postpartum that nearly killed me! It’s funny, my least favorite book is always the one I am editing at any given time because I must put on my editor’s hat and grab a microscope which takes the spontaneity out of the work for the moment. However, when I’m finished, I’m so overwhelmed by the expression before me and so grateful that I can share it with the world. The stages of writing are each amazing unto themselves, and I find it fascinating that I end up right where I began. It goes full circle. And that is the name of Volume 1 of my poetry series.”

Now, with twenty volumes complete, Wendy will release the first in September 2015. Into the Hearth, Poems-Volume 14.  Why Volume 14 instead of Volume 1?  Slater, knowing this might raise some questions, emphasizes that she has chosen this first release with mindful design which is in alignment with her unique mindset.  Not all things follow a typical pattern with Slater, so this peculiarity is no surprise to those who know her. But one thing does follow a pattern and that thing is Wendy’s attention to the world around her and her own exquisite portrayal the mysteries of life.

John A. Perks, author of Mahasiddha and His Idiot Servant, the venerable VEN Seonaidh Perks, Celtic Buddhist lineage describes Into the Hearth this way, “This is a very dangerous book of songs. You will find yourself overwhelmed, engulfed, and swept away into the very intimate heart fire of Wendy E. Slater, the feminine heart fire of love, and in the end you will be left in ashes, totally in love without any object whatsoever, yearning for more.”

Wendy’s life experience continues to be a personal healing journey of self- knowledge, gained by participating in and/or observing all facets of her own life story. Originally a liberal arts student in the 1980’s, she gravitated toward science. Facing a health issue, she sought the help of a holistic medical doctor who introduced her to his world of alternative, nontraditional medicine. Her realization of the interconnectedness and balance between forms of life force energies is key to well-being led her to study and gain experience in radionics, homeopathy, iridology, meditation; as a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner and a self-help instructor, she is also a student of Tibetan Yoga teacher training; and in Chi Gong, the healing properties of herbs, flower and gem essences, healing crystals and gems, and quantum healing. Studying with recognized channels and other spiritual and medical intuitives, she attended distance classes in Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism at Naropa University (Boulder, CO). Conversant with the traditional theories and current works of generally recognized spiritual masters, she reached a level of competence and began her life’s work with clients at age 32.

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