Chapters Capistrano Encourages Family Members to Seek Support During Addiction Recovery

The effects of addiction impact the entire family, and just as the client receives support to overcome addiction, families should too, explains Chapters Capistrano.

The effects of addiction are far-reaching. They can have a long-lasting impact and touch multiple facets of a person’s life. While a great deal of focus goes toward getting a person in active addiction help, families sometimes neglect their own needs. The resources for family members are growing as more people recognize this aspect of the recovery process. Chapters Capistrano has released a statement to the press regarding ways family members can better cope with addiction recovery and promote healing and understanding.

“Addiction is something that the entire family must deal with,” says Susie Shea, co-owner of the drug and alcohol rehab center outside of San Diego. “Spouses and children are often struggling with their own challenges and emotions. It is important to realize that they too need support. Whether they opt for a family program, individual counseling, support groups, or any combination of these resources and others, it can be beneficial.”

One of the first things family members can do is become more educated about addiction. Elizabeth Donnellan, professor at Kaplan University College of Social and Behavior Sciences and certified field traumatologist, explains in a recent article, “Knowledge about the addiction process can help you understand how someone becomes reliant on alcohol or drugs. This information is important to understanding why achieving sobriety can be such a struggle for some people.” Shea recommends finding credible sources or reaching out to a treatment program for resources to support understanding.

“Although everyone’s situation is different, having a better idea of what your loved one is experiencing can make it easier to relate and provide effective support,” says Shea. “Attending support groups geared specifically toward family members can help as well. Here you can connect with others in similar situations and at all stages of recovery. They can provide encouragement, reassurance, and guidance as you work through the effects of addiction.”

There are numerous support groups available, including Al-Anon, Narc-Anon, and Alataeen. Individual communities may also offer other alternatives. Some drug and alcohol rehab facilities, including Chapters Capistrano, offer family programs geared toward addressing the needs of the family as a whole and helping to rebuild relationships.

“Those in recovery do not always realize the impact their addiction has had, so family programs provide a safe, supportive environment where family members can share their thoughts and feelings and work through issues with the support of a therapist,” says Shea. “Slowly they can start healing and create healthier routines, communication strategies, and expectations for everyone. Recovery is a joint effort among all family members, and each person must be willing to change and adjust.”

Family members should not feel that they are to blame for the situation and therapy and support groups can help them to overcome struggles, adds Shea. Recovery is a journey for everyone and there is not a “cure-all.” It requires continued commitment, adjustment, and acceptance as families discover what works best for them. Finding a rehab facility with a family program can be a good place to start. “At Chapters, we aim to provide comprehensive support, and that includes making families a part of the process,” says Shea. “They are integral to long-term recovery efforts.”


Chapters Capistrano is a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center located in the city of San Clemente in Orange County, California, with two beautiful ocean-view homes. Specializing in all types of substance abuse, Chapters offers flexible treatment programs that are designed to offer greater confidence in addiction recovery. With a thorough approach to detox, counseling and mental health, this center has delivered many success stories. In addition to offering alternative approaches to conventional recovery, Chapters is also recognized for providing guest comfort with exceptional accommodations, private rooms and cell and laptop allowance. Those searching to begin a new “Chapter” in addiction recovery are encouraged to contact the facility today.

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