Research Shows Children Benefit from Yoga Too

New research suggests that yoga for children can ease anxiety, stomach discomfort, and even bad behavior.

Providence, USA – September 21, 2015 – Studies have proven how effective yoga can be for adults, but recently, similar results have been shown for child yogis as well. A research paper presented this week at the American College of Gastroenterology reports that ina small study, recently diagnosed children with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) reported improved symptoms after three and six months of yoga, compared to acontrol group. While more research remains to be done, doctors are hopeful that settling the mind can help to settle the stomach.

Kids need relaxation techniques as much as adults, andnowhere is this more true than at alternative schools for troubled children.With increasing regularity, yoga is becoming a staple for helping children withbehavioral problems calm down, release their anxiety, and begin to let go oftheir early childhood trauma, which for some have been significant.

Rebecca Stewart, social worker at the River Bend Education Centerin Minneapolis, says of her students, “Many of themhave suffered multiple traumas. We understand the brain science behind thatnow, and that kids need to learn how to regulate. They need to learn how to sitin a chair before they can read.”

Yoga is also beneficial for children with no maladies atall. In their fast-paced world, yoga can allow children to release thestressors of their regular school days and find themselves just as centered asadults do after a session on the mat. The first ever “National Kids YogaConference,” which took place in September, highlighted the many ways childrenare already benefiting from yoga, and how to continue the trend.

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