How the Everglades Provide a Perfect fishing Location for Any Age

Fishing is a therapy for all ages.
Everglade national park is one of the finest places in the world for fishing, particularly because of the variety of fish species that it offers.

Everglade is an amazing natural formation that is considered ideal for picnics and fishing. Thousands of species of fish can be found in every corner of the everglades. What adds more to the fishing experience is the landscape and amazing water view that the everglades has been naturally gifted with.

At Everglade National Park, it is possible to explore different specifies of plants, birds, alligators, and crocodiles. Everglade national park has amazing natural topography with several hidden ponds and secret fishing spots that host abundance of different species of fishes.

Fishing destinations:

The Everglade is mostly famous for its greatest bass swim in the world. For fishing of large crappie and bluegill, it offers Lake Okeechobee. For those who enjoy fly fishing, areas like Kissimmee are recommended to explore the largest bass hidden beneath the weed beds and rocky reefs.

At Stick Marsh, the modern fishing bass with high and low bass swim can be found,  making it a place best suited for children to enjoy their fishing experience. Another highly popular location at Everglade is a canal on where all kinds of fresh fish can be caught along with other unique species of fish. The oscars and cichlids are the easiest to catch. Salt water fish can be found in the Tamiami canal.

It is important to note that along are many alligators that must not be fed without supervision of the park guides.  Feeding alligators is prohibited by the law.

Famous fishing spots around and within Everglades:

Flamingo fishing:

This area allows fishing of the saltwater species like redfish, tarpon, trout, snapper, grouper, snook, jacks, sharks and triple tail. Flamingo are accessible through care from Homestead and Miami area.

Everglades Fishing:

This area offers fishing of tarpon, snook, grouper, redfish, snapper, trout, jacks, sharks, lady fish and triple tail. It also offers freshwater fish in the alligator garr, largemouth bass and peacock bass.

Biscayne Fishing:

The most preferred species are offered at Biscayne fishing that promotes permit, bonefish and tarpon; however, it also offers an option to fish grouper, snook, jacks, sharks, trout and redfish.

Everglade offers the perfect location for fishing with its variety of fish in beautiful locations. It is a true fisherman’s paradise and an amazing adventure. Whether one is fishing with children or fishing alone, Everglade national park will enhance anyone’s fishing hobby.


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