Why Multinational Organizations are Taking Keen Interest in Stem Cell Therapies

Nowadays, medicine is specifically focused on treating symptoms of diseases and not the underlying cause of the disease.
Technology is changing on a daily basis in all sectors of the economy, leading to new developments that tend to make life easier and cost efficient.

Medical sectors are advancing in their capabilities to deliver sophisticated treatments especially for patients suffering from chronic diseases. Organ transplantation has been the only way to cure some life threatening diseases, but today things seem to be changing for the better. When stem cell therapy was found, this started a revolution that can possibly reduce the amount of organ transplantations that occur. Taking into account the limited supply of some organs, stem cell therapy may be able to solve this problem.

Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative therapy, is likely to replace the current ways medicine is used within the next decade. Nowadays, medicine is specifically focused on treating symptoms of diseases and not the underlying cause of the disease. For instance, cancer patients are subjected to chemotherapy, which in turn damages all cells in your body. Though medical experts are attempting to do away with the cancerous cells, other healthy dividing cells are damaged in the process, as a result this leads to secondary complications of the treatment even though the patient may survive.

Stem cells are derived from your own body. The cells are extracted and either used or may be later grown in a laboratory where they are purified and can be manipulated. In the laboratory, they can be made into a specific type of cell, and stored until the need arises. For instance, stem cells isolated from bone marrow stem have been widely used to form cells similar to that of heart tissues. These new formed cells can be used to replace the worn out cells on a particular organ such as the heart tissue with defects, by injecting the stem cells into that particular organ. The goal is to heal the injured area of the heart in order to improve the patient’s quality of life. This type of technology will also reduce overall medical cost for patients and the economy.

Multinational organizations understand how people value their own lives. Living a healthier life is more vital among many people, and that is why many are spending billions of dollars in healthcare annually. In the near future, stem cell therapy will help cut high medical costs as it will address the underlying problem of a disease. It should help reduce the amount of conventional medicines taken reducing healthcare costs.

Hopefully with scientific progress and many more stem cell clinical trials, treatments will soon be available. Several studies and trials are ongoing, but only time will tell if they are effective enough for approval. For the ones which have been tested and approved, most patients have benefited tremendously from them.

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