Innovative New Film Start-Up Entices Indie Filmmakers with Risk Free Distribution

ViralFilmNetwork, an interactive online experience that allows anyone to be involved in the film industry, today released details on a solution for the age old dilemma of independent feature film distribution.

In a breakthrough technique for independent film distribution, ViralFilmNetwork Ltd today released details on a new angle for film distribution that allows filmmakers to easily convert their fans into viewers with no cost for either party.

The exciting tech start-up has been busy working on a new platform that enables people to interact behind the scenes on feature films, enjoying the journey from script to screen. To raise awareness for this new launch they are not only putting their money where their mouth is, they’re giving it to indie filmmakers.

“People love free,” says Simon Vause CEO of “We’ve decided to combine this love of free with people’s love of films.” In a venture driven in filmmakers’ favour ViralFilmNetwork Ltd will pay £5 to filmmakers for every single person who registers for a free 30 day trial on their site. “It’s a bold move that shows that we believe in our service and that we believe in indie filmmakers,” said Vause.

Concept is simple. A filmmaker is given their own home page on the site that they can promote to their fans and followers. If anyone registers for the site’s free trial they will then be able watch the film and also gain full access to the ViralFilmNetwork experience.

“This is perfect for anyone with a fanbase who has a great film that is begging to be seen,” says Vause. The site officially launches on the 30th September 2015.

Filmmakers looking to take advantage of this free windfall should contact the company at

About ViralFilmNetwork

ViralFilmNetwork is a new social media platform for film which allows members to participate in every aspect of a film’s creation – from script to screen. The site officially launches on 30th September 2015.

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