Tuff Bear Assures Stimulant-Free Naturally Improved Energy with Schumacher Ginseng Tea

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Tuff Bear has assured a herbal stimulant-free energy boost naturally with premium Wisconsin Ginseng tea by Schumacher Ginseng that contains 100% premium American ginseng and no sugar or caffeine.

Wausau, Wisconsin – September 22, 2015 – Stimulants are not always the sole answer to improve energy, Notable Wisconsin ginseng product retailer Tuff Bear has assured stimulant-free natural energy boost with premium Wisconsin Ginseng tea by Schumacher Ginseng.

The Schumacher Wisconsin ginseng tea is a pure, potent herbal tea, made from 100 percent high quality American ginseng roots- cultivated in Wisconsin.

“Though stimulants are a popular choice to recharge energy yet they carry risks of side effects. Thus, we are offering a natural & safer solution for you that will revitalize your declining energy naturally, without any threat of adverse effects. American ginseng is a traditional medicinal herb which carries proven power to fight fatigue and enhance energy levels safely,” stated the manager from Tuff Bear.

He promised no caffeine and no sugar in the Schumacher Ginseng tea. Each of the packs contains 20 tea bags with 2 gm Wisconsin ginseng per bag. “The tea bags are packed with a powerful dose of Wisconsin American ginseng so that you can have a solid proportion of Rb ginsenosides – the most active ingredient of ginseng. Schumacher Ginseng is renowned for offering the finest Wisconsin ginseng in the world and hence you can expect the best ginseng with the tea bags.”

American ginseng is an ancient medicinal herb rich in adaptogens that enhances body’s capability to easily adapt itself to physical & mental fatigue. It has long been in use among Native Americans & carries a huge success record as a fantastic herbal energy-booster.

“The tea bags contain 100 percent cut root and each of packets has been selected, processed & packaged very carefully to ensure the optimum experience for users. You will love the earthy flavor of the tea which would pep your mood immediately with each sip,” added in one of the leading spokespersons from Tuff Bear.

Added to its growing Wisconsin ginseng product line, Tuff Bear also offers anti-aging skin care products, nutritional supplements and weight loss supplements.

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