How Entering Recovery is a Beneficial Act

Drug and alcohol addictions affect society as a whole.
Substance abuse addicts cannot typically maintain jobs, therefore leading them to steal in order to support their addictions.

Crimes that arise due to substance abuse hurt society, and therefore are overt acts; however, to when an addict turns their life around through entering recovery from their substance abuse, they are participating in a beneficial act.

A beneficial act is something that helps everyone as a whole. When an addict begins recovery, they are beginning work on themselves to become a functioning part of society that helps bring goodwill to those around them, rather than being detrimental to it. Often, there are many underlying issues which coexist with substance abuse: marital problems, anger

management issues, difficulties with parenting, and even mental health issues such as depression. To maximize the beneficial act, it is best to begin recovery by entering a treatment facility with the capabilities to address such problems. Anyone of these issues can cause problems in society and affect the loved ones directly surrounding the individual suffering from substance abuse.

The overt acts that are committed as a result of addiction are considered contrasurival; however, in entering a treatment facility, a suffering addict can learn survival characteristics. By replacing their contrasurvival acts with survival actions, such as anger management skills and effective counseling, they are now becoming an asset to society thriving as a whole.

Choosing to enter a treatment facility means beginning a coaction, a mutual agreement between individuals to act together. The agreement is that the facility will do what is necessary to help the addict recover from their substance abuse and teach them coping skills for the other life challenging difficulties, while the addict agrees to be open minded and participate in the recovery process. Through this coaction, the addict has the opportunity to be a part of the beneficial act that the treatment facility itself is trying accomplish: helping others recover from drug and alcohol abuse, thus helping society entirely.

With the treatment center and the addict working together to mutually aid an addict back to a healthy path, recovery from addiction is conceivable. Through this coaction, any suffering addict can stop committing overt acts and begin a lifetime of beneficial acts, thus transforming the addict back into an honest person and giving them freedom.

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