Recovery and Personal Strength

An individuals personal strength has the ability to conquer anything.
Every individual has a unique collection of biological and emotional predispositions, and learned experiences.

The approach and response of a person to stimuli of everyday life can be as individual as our unique fingerprints.  When a person is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse or any form of addiction, this collection of predispositions and learned experiences can work against the addict, and getting those same predispositions to provide the foundation for a sober life can be very complicated. Addiction does not develop overnight, just as recovery does not happen on its own.  The best recovery and substance abuse treatment programs get to really know the individual in treatment, creating a personalized recovery program that builds on the person’s greatest strengths and helps create buffers against their weaknesses.  

Recovery is a difficult and ongoing process which most addicts acknowledge they could not get to or through on their own.  Reaching the depths of addiction is predicated on isolation, shame, guilt and often, a lack of self-worth.  Recovering from addiction, on the other hand, means that the person must integrate more closely with a community of people while openly addressing their own behaviors and actions which have caused such negative feelings, all while building self-esteem.  This kind of extended devotion to personal health and maintenance of a sober lifestyle uses a lot of effort, which is why a recovery treatment facility that creates an environment that is safe and judgement free for those struggling with addiction to express their biggest concerns about their recovery is crucial.  Forming relationships that are non-judgmental, having access to resources like trained, experienced psychologists and treatment professionals, and having a structure in which it is relatively easy to maintain sobriety are all benefits to the client, who can then focus on their own internal processes on their recovery.

After treatment is over, when the patient is ready to return to “real life”, it is at this point “the hard work” begins.  The danger of isolation and negative feelings coupled with the difficulties and stresses of a very unstructured and high-pressure modern life, can be dangerous for those struggling to maintain their sobriety. A great recovery and treatment program knows this, and makes sure that graduates from the program can access enough internal strength and spiritual resources to be their own generator of positive energy in times of distress to sustain their commitment to recovery.

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