Why are Tranquilizers so Difficult to Stop Using?

Brain damage from drug and alcohol abuse can be irreversible.
Tranquilizers, unfortunately, tend to grab the brain’s circuitry very quickly, then rapidly require the user to increase, their dose to maintain the same effect, this is called tolerance.

The brain’s receptor sites have become accustomed to the xanax, valium, ativan or other benzodiazepines being taken and are requiring even larger doses to create the same effect. The withdrawal syndrome is incredibly uncomfortable. It also must be done slowly and under the care of a trained physician.

The symptoms will usually include severe insomnia, agitation, anxiety and possible panic attacks, and a sufferer will often feel that they are either going “crazy” or dying. Other symptoms usually include loss of appetite, Inability to concentrate and sometimes, hallucinations. Seizures are also a possibility. Therefore, it is obvious why this should be done very slowly and only under a physician’s direct supervision. Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment has teamed with Pomerado Hospital to accomplish this process, with the minimum of discomfort and the maximum of safety. After being assessed, patients are admitted to Pomerado Hospital where after stabilization the patient can be discharged to the Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program to continue the gradual reduction in dose with the support of an understanding staff.

Recovery from any addiction, whether it be pornography or drugs and alcohol is not easily overtaken without the help of trained and educated professionals. The detox process needs to be supervised. Statistics show that 50%-90% of individuals going through a treatment program and the challenges of detox  end up relapsing shortly after recovery. It’s time to beat the statistic. 

Tranquilizers are not meant to be used for an extended period of time, this is when harm is brought to the individual using. Sleeping aids are of the most commonly used. These types of drugs are prescribed on a regular basis to individuals across the country. Sadly, a large percentage of doctors prescribe these drugs strictly for profit alone, knowing the addiction that can be formed. With this in mind, recovery is one phone call away. One phone call can change and save someone’s life.

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