Controversial Film ‘Cosby: Sex, Drugs, And American Lies’ In Production

22 Sep, 2015 – Producer and domestic violence expert Jerome Almon has started pre-production of the film “Cosby: Sex, Drugs, and American Lies.” The shocking film is loaded with stunning revelations concerning men, celebrity, and false allegations.  According to the website, much of the information relayed to the public about the Cosby and athlete scandals is false.  The website also asserts that the controversies closely mirrors the Duke Lacrosse Team, The Rolling Stone UVA, and Central Park jogger “wilding” incidents, with vital information clearing the accused being deliberately withheld. Almon is funding the film out of pocket and through crowdfunding

The film is shot Michael Moore style with maximum, Hollywood and Vegas glitz and glamour. Viewers are taken on an exclusive behind the scenes look at the party capitals of the world from Las Vegas, Hollywood, Miami, NYC, and Europe and the girls who fight for position on the celebrity party circuit.  Almon gives a never revealed behind the scenes look at the girls in these cities that have only two goals in life-celebrity and money, at any price. They are the “barracudas” described in the autobiographical stunner “Fast Girl” by Olympian and Las Vegas escort Suzy Favor Hamilton. In a shocking revelation, Almon traces the origin of these girls and the false allegations made against athletes and celebrities back to the entertainment industry’s own doing-reality TV. Other internet breaking controversies include Swiss Parliament Secretary and porn stars Adeline Lafouine, Duke University student Belle Knox, and the flood of teachers and middle class housewives who have joined the adult film industry since the spread of global internet access.

The controversial docu-drama covers the incidents involving Bill Cosby, NBA stars Derrick Rose, Chris Webber, Derrick Coleman, and Juwan Howard, as well as the shocking media storms surrounding NYC weather maven Heidi Jones, and news anchor Greg Kelly. Sprinkled within the mix are the controversial rape and “sex worker” statements of Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, and an in depth examination of the explosion of female teachers engaged in improper sexual relationships with their teenage male students. Almon concludes that athletes are facing as many allegations of sexual impropriety against them as there are female teacher-male student incidents in America annually due to very draconian measures being taken by the opposition.

Most shocking is the science behind the film and its revelations concerning GHB and the plague of allegations against athletes throughout the collegiate and professional ranks. The film reaches some very startling and controversial conclusions on what must be done to counter the growing menace to professional athletes and the various professional leagues.  Almon concludes that the NFLPA, NBPA, NHLPA, and professional boxing sanctioning bodies must institute specific aggressive policies to counter the mass attack or face billions in loses. The film cites that several players have had contracts worth between $80 million and $100 million pulled off of the table due to allegations of misconduct concerning females. The movie also notes the hundreds of millions more lost in endorsement deals and lost sales to league sponsors who bet on the accused athletes. Almon projects that endorsement revenue available to athletes and the professional leagues will shrink by 70% of currently levels if an aggressive and coherent strategy is not instituted regarding the issues in the film. The film includes an accompanying soundtrack featuring the top up and coming artist in Rock and Hip Hop.

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