Savvy Procurement Leaders Connect With Tradogram’s Brand Messaging

New website and branding reflects an innovative corporate philosophy

Tradogram’s newly designed website was recently unveiled in response to the demand for user-friendly navigation, a facilitative colour scheme, and a fresh approach to the Tradogram identity.  A complete overhaul of the website was preceded by updates to Tradogram’s application, including the addition of features that boost the corporate purchasing process.  The young Ottawa team offers a method for monitoring and analysing transactions for every company that registers on the cloud-based procurement platform.  Tradogram can help any organization attain the most favourable purchase terms – learn how to communicate with precision.

The philosophy at Tradogram is built around a core set of values that inform partner and client relationships.  Passion, innovation, creativity, motivation, and excellence are the forces behind every interaction, be it internal or external.  These qualities are the reason Tradogram has designed the very best procurement platform.  A dedication to serving people who work in purchasing creates an industry comfort zone for professionals.  Tradogram can facilitate any purchasing vision with ease.  

Majdi Sleiman, VP of Business Development, has said “Tradogram’s attitude is serious but also daring.  We’re humble, but forceful through the procurement standards we uphold.”

This brand identity extends to a number of social media venues: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all play a role in Tradogram’s presence in the competitive modern-day coliseum that is procurement.  These sites highlight Tradogram’s ability to contribute to the procurement world in the most up-to-date manner.  Social media generates discussions that expose Tradogram’s essential services.

Tradogram has several key differentiators that resonate with frustrated professionals seeking solutions for an outdated purchasing system. While Tradogram provides all the tools to help businesses plan and control their procurement processes, it emphasizes the facilitation of smooth communication between all stakeholders to achieve higher performance. This secure platform allows buyers to communicate with high precision – not just with suppliers but also internally with those who create requisitions, approve POs, and receive the purchased items.

This innovative application functions to promote the most intelligent purchasing decisions for individual users; collectively, these users become the foundation of more intelligent companies.

About Tradogram

Tradogram is a powerful, cost-effective, and secure online private purchasing platform.  Tradogram is the result of a commitment to innovation, a strategy which serves the diverse needs of medium to large enterprises without neglecting small businesses. Check back soon for the release of the complete version 2.0 of the application, which will include added features and upgrades based on the latest market feedback.

Tradogram knows that efficiency, measurable savings, and continuous improvement are crucial factors in user satisfaction. Tradogram’s passionate team of professionals want to facilitate enhanced information management and strong supplier control.

Try a free account and experience the benefits firsthand.

Tradogram offers an Affiliate Referral Partner program for consultants and consulting agencies involved in IT, supply chain and/or general business management.  Start incorporating the latest technology in purchasing within your consulting services. If you think our services would complement your goals, contact to learn more about our partner program.

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