Peer Pressure and How it Can Cause Drug Addiction

The longer an individual uses drugs; the more difficult it is to refrain from use.
Peer pressure is the number one cause of drug use in adolescents.

While there are steps to prevent peer pressure from causing drug use, once the pressure has become more than an adolescent can handle, turning to drug use may begin at a young age. This could potentially contribute to drug addiction for years to come. Having the skills and the mental health to be able to stand up and say no can be the key to a youth’s ability to not give into peer pressure. While peer pressure is always a factor, adolescents remain at risk well into adulthood. After giving in to peer pressure, the chances of remaining a drug user increase significantly.

Drug users tend to mingle with other drug users. This especially occurs during life’s struggles and while taking on new pressures. Academic pressures, athletic pressures, and social pressures can make it appear as though one does not belong. These are sensitive times in the lives of adolescents. Giving in to peer pressure can make an adolescent feel as though they belong. Once they experience this sense of belonging, it can be difficult to leave a group in which they feel comfortable. So the drug use will continue.

The longer an individual uses drugs; the more difficult it is to refrain from use. There develops a false sense of belonging. Once a drug issue is established, the peers in an individual’s lives are very unlikely to support recovery. More so, they are willing to sabotage recovery. The more the individual associates with these peers; the higher the chance for relapse becomes. Research shows that teens will weigh the measures of reward vs. consequences, in the short term. This may be why giving in to peer pressure is so easily done. Once the drug is used, they may experience a strong bond with the fellow drug users, as well as relief and loss of pressure from their stresses in life. This can result in a dangerous drug addiction, along with an inability to cope with life’s struggles as they increase with age.

The drug becomes a crutch that the individual believes he or she needs, in order to navigate the ups and downs of life. Prevention is the key to stop peer-pressure from winning. Helping your child includes encouraging their attempts to balance emotions, while helping them maintain strong mental health throughout adolescence. Helping your children also includes maintaining strong bonds and encouraging a clear understanding of all of the risks that come with drug use. All of these can help your child to “Just say no.”

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