Nebraska Tech Firm Announces Development of New Senior Monitoring Device

Free Monitoring Will Render Life Alert Obsolete

Omaha, NE – Sept 23, 2015 – September 23 is National Fall Awareness day and one Nebraskacompany is marking the event by creating a device that keeps seniors safe by automatically alerting their family when they experience a fall or need help.

Schrock Innovations has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for The Allen Band.  The Allen Band is a stylish wristband that many would mistake for a modern fitness tracker.  It uses the same technology as a FitBit but with an entirely different purpose.

“When a senior falls, experiences a cardiac event, has a fever, or just doesn’t feel well the Allen Band can automatically send text messages or push notifications to friends and family letting them know mom or dad needs help,” Thor Schrock, CEO of Schrock Innovations and Creator of the Allen Band said.

While fitness trackers like the Microsoft Band and FitBit focus on counting our steps and how many calories we burn, the Allen Band considers the same data from another angle.  If a senior has fallen and is immobile for a number of hours, the Allen Band can automatically send for help even if they can’t do it themselves.

“Tracking the lack of motion is a novel concept that is not difficult to do,” Schrock said.  “If a senior is down and can’t move the Allen Band asks if they are ok.  If they don’t respond, an alert is sent to their Caregivers to let them know to check in.”

The Allen Band was inspired by Allen, Schrock’s father.  In May he fell at home and spent 24 hours on the floor before he was found.  He nearly died from the fall.  As he was recovering in the hospital, Schrock looked for a technology solution that could have alerted him more quickly, but found nothing existed in the marketplace.

“All of the existing MedicalAlert and LifeAlert systems are predicated on pressing a button,” Schrock said.  “My father was unconscious and when he woke up his arms and legs were asleep, he couldn’t move, and couldn’t get up.  How do people in that state get help?”

According to Schrock’s research the top reason seniors do not use systems like LifeAlert is the $41.95 monthly monitoring fee that connects them to a live call center.  The Allen Band offers completely free monitoring with no monthly fees by sending alerts from a cloud server and relying on their loved ones to provide assistance when needed.

By all indications, seniors agree that the Allen Band fills a critical gap in senior health care.  Within 2 hours of the launch of the crowdfunding campaign, the Allen Band was 11% funded.

“Everyone has a mom and dad,” Schrock said.  “We all want to take good care of them and we know they want to be at home.  The Allen Band can help seniors stay at home where they are comfortable while giving their children peace of mind.”

The Allen Band crowdfunding campaign is being conducted through IndieGoGo through October 29th.  Contributions can be made at or at

For interview requests or additional information, please contact Thor Schrock at or via phone at 402-212-5393.

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