Airwheel Brings People More Than Just Intelligent electric self-balancing scooters

Buying a product will bring people more than just the product itself. Buying Airwheel intelligent scooters starts people’s new life styles in cities.

What does paying for a product means? For Airwheel intelligent scooters, buying them also means a very new way of life style in the cities. Airwheel intelligent scooters make people the fashion icon and the leader in new ways of life in cities.

There are 4 product series in Airwheel family. And each series of them aims at different user groups. Airwheel X series electric unicycles are the vehicles for citizens who need the most convenient and fastest way of travels in cities. So Airwheel X series electric scooters are the most portable vehicles in Airwheel family. They only have single wheels, which greatly reduce the body sizes of X series products. Outside the wheels the shells provide thorough protection to the wheels and the inside vehicle units. On both sides of the shell there are two round pedals without sharp edges, which prevent riders’ ankles from, been scrapes. Inside the shell, there are also many top-quality vehicle units, like motor, power bank, and micro processing-chips. 

All these units are assembled into the small body of the X series intelligent scooters. But please don’t worry about the stability and safety while the vehicles are working. Reasonable designs and years’ accumulation of industrial design skills make the whole vehicle away from the potential dangers.

With small size and powerful equipment. Airwheel X series electric self-balancing scooters are the most suitable vehicle for those who want convenient and comfortable travels in cities, especially for office workers. Almost everyone has experienced the time when there are endless carlines on the roads and horrible crowds in the metro. Taking buses means being late and taking metro means the totally mess of one’s suit and make-up. But with Airwheel X series intelligent scooters, like X5 electric unicycles, riders only need to ride them on the sidewalks or underground passages to avoid the traffic jam and crowds. There are many other aspects where people can be more sedate with Airwheel X electric scooters. 

Airwheel X series intelligent self-balancing scooters start the new life styles for people in the cities.

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