Psychosomatic Illnesses and Addiction to Prescription Drugs

If an individual is experiencing withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs, vitamin therapy can be used.
A pain is considered psychosomatic when it is the mind that is creating the pain or illness.

Often times, individuals are first prescribed medication to relieve pain, meant for short-term use; however, when an individual continues to use the medication even after the cause of the pain has been resolved due to the belief that they are still experiencing pain, they are actually feeling psychosomatic pain. The pain is really in their head. Many addictions to prescription medications begin this way.

In believing that they are experiencing pain, they continue to get the prescription filled, not realizing that they have really developed a dependency on the drug. The reality is that they are no longer taking the drug for a medical reason, but are instead using the drug for ways to escape reality and relieve stress.

Other prescription drugs frequently abused are tranquilizers. Commonly prescribed for anxiety disorders, these medications can also cause a psychosomatic illness. Perhaps the individual originally had anxiety, and took the medication while they were experiencing panic attacks; however, the drug caused such relief and comfort that the individual develops the desire to take it all the time, thus believing they have anxiety all the time and therefore, has an excuse to use the medication. Dependency to these tranquilizers develops quickly, and thrives on the fact that once the user becomes dependent on the drug, they are thrown into intense withdrawal symptoms if they are stopped abruptly.

If an individual is experiencing withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs, vitamin therapy can be used. A combination of magnesium, calcium, and other specific vitamins can be taken in order to relieve the withdrawal discomfort. This concoction is known as a “drug bomb” and consuming it three times a day can greatly help with the anxiety and muscle spasms that accompany drug withdrawal.

Detoxification from such prescription drugs should be done in a professional medical treatment facility that is trained to handle the withdrawal symptoms that arise once the medication is stopped. Once the individual has been successfully detoxed and stabilized, they must enter a treatment facility that will address the underlying issues that caused the individual to abuse the drugs in the first place. A proper treatment facility will have a structured program with methods that have been proven to help people become abstinent, and maintain that abstinence for life. In determining the actual problems that caused the individual to use, and addressing those problems through making the necessary corrections, recovery from the psychosomatic illnesses that caused the dependency is possible.


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