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Retailers are raving about our unique Point of Purchase display!
Hardcell is a brand new herbal energy performance shot like no other. We offer 4 great tasting, non-carbonated herbal flavors, that are guaranteed to ignite your core. Each 1 ounce concentrated shot contains over 2000 mg of an herbal energy blend, providing an instant pick me up, without the ending sugar crash. You can drink this shot alone, or mix it into your favorite drink.

Take Your Energy to a New Level with THE Highest Energy Blend Drink on The Market!

HARDCELL Performance Energy Shots launch a brand new herbal energy shot like no other, guaranteed to ignite your core. Offering the first herbal inspired flavors to the market, you can choose from Fiery CinnaBurn, Soothing LicoRage, Cooling PepperMental, and Spicy GingerGasmic. HARDCELL is your go-to supplement for that extra edge.

Each two ounce bottle contains 4064 mg of an herbal energy blend, providing an instant pick me up, without the ending sugar crash. You can drink this shot alone, or mix it into any drink of choice. In an effort to set us apart from our competitors we are also offering the consumer the option of purchasing a 750ml bottle at a cost savings.

HARDCELL is currently being sold in approximately 100 retail locations after only two months of sales. “The sleek and innovative design concept of our display instantly attracts consumers to our product,” said Sales and Marketing Manager Sandy Brown. “Combine that with our four explosive herbal flavors and you have an energy shot that is second to none.” 

Consumers are already raving about the taste and energy HARDCELL provides them. Amber Friedrich from Temecula, CA said, “Amazing energy drink! Best run and mile times I’ve had in a long time, can’t wait to try all the flavors.” Darren Church from Arkansas said, “This is best performance shot I’ve ever had, no jitters and no sugar crash!” 

Our product is manufactured in Novi, MI so we have less shipping costs, this means it can be brought to you at exceptional prices. “We currently have the ability to produce 5 million 60ml (2oz.) and 750ml (25.3oz) bottles a year, but could rapidly expand that capability” said CEO and Operations Manager Sam Mancuso. 

HARDCELL can be contacted through our website which is www.drinkhardcell.com, emailing us at info@drinkhardcell.com, or by phone at 800-993-6800 or 248-921-7086.

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Phone: 248-921-7086
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