Better Education & Better Life with I2

Whether you are to teach in Chengdu, Chongqing or Xiamen you are joining a big (very big) international family of committed educators and team players. We now have in excess of a thousand staff members and over 46 campuses and more are planned. Through hard work and application, from an innovative system of student-based teaching, i2 has enjoyed great success in a relatively short time and you will now play an important part in continuing that.

I2 is different. We take a very serious job, the education of our students, and make it pertinent and fun. Combining teaching methods from both East and West, we aim to optimize each student’s schooling – to bring out the best in each one of them. We strive not just to teach language, but rather to develop our students holistically, imparting to them a wider appreciation of culture, tolerance for others and even wisdom as they progress.  Education is not just for the classroom but for life.  As our proud motto reads, better education – better life.

We are responsive and listen to both our students and employees. I2 is a platform for success, dependent on commitment and integrity. If you put in the effort you will enjoy that success with us. Every employee is an educator in some way and you will fast learn to appreciate the vast pool of knowledge and experience that the staff share together, ever striving to deliver better education and to be a better company.

There is little more important to an individual than their education, especially in today’s competitive and international world. You will be asked, and expected, to do your very best for your students; to help them grow and realise their potentials, to develop opportunities for the future, to learn about and appreciate a wider perspective.

Yours is an important job. We set high standards and ask every i2 member to live up to them. It is not just students who develop at i2, we all do! We have great faith in you, that is why you were chosen.

By holding fast to our core principles of personalized education and care, i2 has grown quickly. Success breeds success. We are soon to open schools internationally, to further our dreams of becoming a leader in customized education globally. These dreams are coming to fruition, thanks to the i2 team you will come to know and value.  The future is exciting and you will be part of it.

We welcome you to our big ‘family’; we welcome you to i2.

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