Top 10 HQ Gets Boozy With Two New Editorials On Best Mexican Beers and Strongest Alcoholic Drinks has published not one but two new editorials on alcohol, recommending the best beers to ever come out of Mexico and the strongest alcoholic drinks in existence.

Alcohol has been drunk since the earliest civilizations, when beer was used as an alternative to dirty water. Since then, it has gotten stronger, more diverse, and has become the beverage of choice for those seeking to party, unwind or simply indulge in a little luxury. Despite being banned in the 30s, alcohol is now more popular than ever. Top 10 HQ aims to help people find the best of everything, and has just published two insightful editorials on alcohol.

The first is a list of the top ten Mexican beers, evaluating them according to their taste, strength, price and brand story. Their best rated bottle is Bohemia, a relatively little known beer promising fruit, vanilla and cocoa beans on the palette. Famous names like Corona and Sol come 8th and 10th respectively.

The second is a more ambitious article, charting the strongest alcohol based drinks ever created. Number 10 is a French vegetable elixir that comes in at a meager 71%. The number one spot is taken by a flavorless, odorless, water-clear Spirytus Stawski from Poland, at a staggering 96%, only ever to be used as a base for dilution, which will numb the palette for days if drunken neat.

A spokesperson for Top 10 HQ explained, “Some of these editorialss are written more for fascination and curiosity while others are written to help people get practical consumer advice. These articles represent both sides of that spectrum. While we would never encourage people to drink any of the incredibly potent drinks that exist in today’s world, we would absolutely encourage people to take a beer-drinking tour of Mexico’s finest breweries. We hope to continue to expand our alcohol category in the coming months with more great articles like these.”

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