RIBA Venues – Embrace Social Media When Planning a Conference

Embracing social media and including it in your conference can maximise your success.

Technology is very much a part of our lives now and rather than fighting it, it should be embraced and the benefit enjoyed. Social media has changed day to day life, with many using it to communicate their feelings and to keep themselves up to date with the news.  

Given how popular sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are; the exposure companies can have is huge and businesses cannot ignore it. Companies need to embrace it an instead of avoiding it, think of ways that they can incorporate it into their marketing strategy.

Conferences are a great way of getting people together and there is no substitute for the personal effect. Meeting face to face is great and allows you to build business relationships which are vital when trying to gain a company’s trust. However conferences are limited to the size of the venue. By incorporating social media, you are able to carry on the conversation beyond the conference walls.

Second screen technology is becoming very popular as it enables delegates to access the speaker’s content on their mobile devices which in turn allows them to share the information online increasing your audience substantially and boosting the publicity their company gets. It is therefore important that you consider social media when planning your conference. Look for a central London conference venue with the appropriate audio visual equipment and make sure the speaker encourages the sharing of content.

Stephanie Ellrott from RIBA Venues, said: “the conference landscape is changing and now more and more businesses are incorporating social media into their conference as they understand the benefits and potential gains to be had.”


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