Helping Children Lose Weight

Childhood obesity is a complex and important problem.
Beyond the constantly reported obesity epidemic that the United States is experiencing, many parents can look at their children and see that a lifestyle change is needed.

The technologies that have brought efficiency, remote communications and an enjoyment and appreciation of cultures throughout the world are also bringing children who sit in front of computers, tablets and game consoles all day.  The historical “go outside to play” method of helping children to drop unwanted pounds is not working.  The child who goes outside to play is no more moving around than they would if they were inside, and the challenges and games the children like to play remain stuck on a screen.

Childhood obesity is a complex and important problem.  The basic solutions that are offered seem overly simplistic and hard to actualize for parents who are already pulled in too many directions.  For the parents who have personally experienced being heavy as children, it can seem that the child will, without intervention, grow out of the weight.  Perhaps that’s how it happened for the parent; and in some rare cases, that could happen for a child, as well.  But the lifestyle changes we have undergone in the United States have made that much less likely to happen. Managing a child’s weight is certainly the best way to help the child achieve a healthy, more accepted and easier life as a teen and as an adult.

The Phoenix Weight Loss program helps children and adults to get a handle on their weight management.  One step that a parent or caregiver can take quickly and easily is to change the kind of food that is in the house.  Even if one child in a family is heavy and another is not, having easy access to empty calories and junky foods is not going to help either child to be healthy and develop life-long healthy eating habits.  The first step toward meaningful weight loss can be making a shopping list that includes healthy and easy to prepare snacks, meals and beverage options.  A breakfast that’s made up of hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks and water is not a bad breakfast at all.  It’s high in protein and low in sugars and saturated fats.  While it may not be what a child wants to eat every day, helping the younger people appreciate that sweets and treats are just that – not every day foods, but special occasion options – will give them a fighting chance to achieve a healthy weight in life.  

Approaching weight management as a family affair is something that many people can get behind, as they have seen it yield results.  The professional weight loss experts at the Phoenix Weight Loss center will help design a program that will help an adult, child, or family lose unwanted pounds, in a medical appropriate and healthy manner.  Introducing excellent eating habits, making sure that there’s plenty of physical exercise expected, and doing things together, as a family, can all help a child achieve a healthy weight.


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