After being the best seller in Italy, the book “Pink Fever” is now available in English

The Italian novel “Pink Fever” becomes first of the author Renato Esposito’s book to be translated in English for the audience outside of Italy. The book is a classic by popular and off beat Italian author Renato Esposito who is also a established screenwriter and director.

The book belongs to the thriller genre and revolves around the murder mystery of a 16 year old girl named Veronica, who was found strangled in her bed. Her case gets assigned to Massimiliano Riperti, father of Camilla, Veronica’s classmate.

She is determined to find the killer and battles against her introverted character and emerges out becoming brave and strong girl as the story progresses. The story is based in Rome where the double chase begins and revolves in the thrilling city. The story is full of exciting twists and takes a new turn when Veronica’s hidden world unfolds gradually along with the story which also causes the lives of the characters to be tragically destroyed.

Thriller has always been both writers and readers favorite topic to explore and Esposito being one of the seasoned writers in this genre has surely written a heart throbbing thriller novel. His book has got all key elements including a murder mystery, emotions, drama and suspense for a thrilling novel that’ll keep the reader on the edge of their seats.

Now that the book is available in English, it is expected to reach a vast number of audiences across the world. The book has received great response from the readers in Italy and is now expected to rule the hearts of English audiences as well.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

About Author

Renato Esposito is a cult writer who lives in Rome. He is also a talented screenwriter and director. Esposito started his writing career in 2012 and published books ranging from science fiction to psychological thriller genre. His books have remarkable reputation in Italy with a number of his books becoming bestseller in the country. Pink Fever is one of his major bestsellers and his first books to be translated for the English public. 

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