Nine year old creates the ‘Teddy Cat, Launches Company through Crowd Funding

Nine year old Lauren Webber has created an adorably cute little ‘Teddy cat’ which is cat cum teddy bear. Through her parents she has started a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to promote this cuddly and ‘well behaved’ soft toy as the family calls it.

The little girl’s and her family’s love for kittens gave birth to this idea of creating a teddy bear which also looks like a kitten. The brown colored soft toy, sized around 11-12” is a lavish toy which can be easily carried around anywhere. The compact size makes it fit into any hand bag or travel bag making it a great option to be carried along on picnics, vacations and beaches for kids.

The family spent months designing the teddy cat before working with a professional designer to create a 3D design of the same. They also gave a cute name to the soft toy that is ‘Fudge’. The Kickstarter campaign will help the family to build this soft toy in large scale and make it available for everyone.

The market is filled with high quality plush toys but generally the price of these toys is quite high but the family aims to keep the price range of Teddy Cat in affordable range through the funds raised with this campaign.

The Teddy Cat will be delivered to the family after manufacturing in November and will be distributed to the buyers in December. The campaign also offers some cool rewards to the backers including postcards and stickers of the Teddy cat for a contribution of $10.  For $45, the backer can also get a limited edition Teddy cat with holiday T-shirt and Christmas bell with red ribbon plus a box containing stickers, holiday postcards and tattoos. The Teddy Cat solo is priced at $20.

This combination of cat and a teddy bear in one is surely one of a kind and unique. It’ll also be loved by the animal lovers, specifically the cat lovers who love to cuddle around a soft toy while sleeping without having to deal with cat hairs on bed or crawling marks left by it.

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Company Name: Teddy Cat
Contact Person: Jo Webber
Country: United States