How Much Weight Is Enough?

Every body is different, has different requirements and a different metabolism.
It can be incredibly tough to figure out what your ideal weight is.

For some people, it’s a mental set that calls back to days when they were in school, eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep, and feeling good about how they looked.  For others, it’s a less personalized measure that comes from the medical ideals they’ve been shown over the years.  And still other people have no idea how much weight they need to lose, perhaps because they’ve been heavy their entire lives.

Every body is different, has different requirements and a different metabolism.  The body that’s able to tolerate large quantities of lean protein calories, because those calories are being worked off with heavy duty cardio, is running on a very different fuel than the body that craves carbs and isn’t moved around much at all.  Working with a professional, medical weight loss team can help a person understand the different ways in which bodies can respond to food, and how much exercise is required to keep a body burning the fuel.  There’s not one answer for all people.  The math of what a body does with what kind of fuel is not static.  Every person attacking an excess weight problem will require a different, balanced and personalized approach to weight loss.

There are people who have a mental set of a weight they need to reach – sometimes this goal weight is not realistic.  One of the first things a professional, qualified medical weight loss group will do for a patient is a thorough and complete examination, followed by a panel that shows the body’s ability to burn calories efficiently and effectively.  Screenings for diseases and disorders which can impact the body’s burning capabilities are also performed, and the medical team then evaluates this base empirical data.  The goal of collecting that information is so that the professional weight loss team will be able to structure an eating plan that will provide the healthiest weight loss solution for the patient.  

This plan could involve high quality and high dose vitamins to make up for deficiencies detected in the patient’s body.  It could work in conjunction with a general care physician’s medical plan, because some medicines can contribute to weight gain.  In addition, the team will help the patient to structure a healthy moving plan, one which emphasizes fun activities and doesn’t rely on boring and repetitive exercise.  Both the healthy moving plan and the healthy eating plan will be tailored to the patient’s lifestyle requirements, because not every person has time to cook a twelve course meal every day, and not every person has the resources to join an expensive gym.  

But everyone should have the time to make a nutritious and healthy meal for themselves in fifteen minutes or less, and everyone has the opportunity to get out of doors and walk around, jog or play a game for half an hour a day.  Healthy eating and healthy living do not have to be out of reach.


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