Doctors Assist Man Faced with Certain Death by Diabetes Heal Within 21 Days

VANCOUVER, B.C, – 28 Sep, 2015 – Ernest Quansah, founder of the Diabetes Self-Cure Foundation had no idea how sick he really was. Fortunately doctors discover and diagnosed his diabetes just in time and saved him from cardiac arrest and possible death.

“When I was diagnosed, so much sugar had built up in my body that it had begun to exit as a sticky whitish substance on my tongue and from the corner of my eyelids each morning,” says Quansah, author of a new tell all book titled, The Journey: How I Cheated Death and Cured My Diabetes in 21 Days. “Tests showed a blood glucose level of 21.9 millimoles per litre or 394.6 milligrams, more than five times the normal levels of 4.0 to 6.5 mmol/L.”

Several diabetes experts estimate that by the year 2040, 1 in every 8 people will be a diabetic—a staggering potential 1.16 billion people! With billions of dollars spent by individual diabetics as well as by developed nations, diabetes is on the increase.

After follow-up tests showed that the patient was completely healed, his doctor praised him. “Congratulations!” he said. “You are no longer a diabetic. So tell me, how did you do it?”

“The secret is simple,” says Quansah. “When you become a type 2 diabetic, your body becomes insulin resistant. To reverse diabetes, all you have to do is restore the body’s insulin sensitivity.

“After I was able to permanently reverse my condition, I made it my mission in life to educate others on how they can do the same by founding the Diabetes Self-Cure Foundation online. Diabetics no longer have to be doomed to a life of worrying about their health conditions. I want those suffering with type 2 and pre-diabetes to know that they can heal themselves. Managing type 2 diabetes means you will always be a diabetic. Why manage a condition that you can reverse and cure?”

In order to help educate members of the public and assist type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics to heal themselves, Ernest Quansah discussed with his doctors his idea of sharing his discovery in a book, and they were supportive.

In his new tell all book, The Journey, he carefully recalls his diagnosis and teaches his readers about his entire healing process. His astounding results are backed by testimonials from two different doctors as well as copies of his before and after blood test results. The Journey tells others what they need to do to attain the same results.


Ernest Quansah is a type 2 diabetes survivor, consultant and educator, and president of the Diabetes Self-Cure Foundation. He has worked as a chef as well as as cousellor and holds counselling certification from the University of British Columbia. He is available for radio, TV or press interviews.

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