Middle-Sized and Small Enterprises Confront with Survival Pressure, Soling Will Shuffle the Automobile Navigation Market

Four new globally synchronized products will be released by Soling. To those middle-sized and small enterprises who are struggling strenuously, Soling’s act no doubt takes gigantic pressure upon them, responding to which, they don’t have any effective alternative at all. A shuffle of the automobile navigation industry advanced by Soling, one of the leaders in CID system, has been carried out. A fierce shuffle is inevitable. As to whether the automobile accessory market is as strong as what Soling expects or not, then let’s rub our eyes and wait to see.


Recent days, the reporter has learned that Soling would release four blockbuster products in an intensive way in October. Except the proudest large-screen entertainment navigation and the rearview mirror navigation that collects numerous high-technologies, many other masterpieces come to the stage as well. All shows that Soling is going to shuffle the whole automobile navigation market. However, it results in the turbulence and upset of those who are engaged in the automobile navigation.

Recent years, the blockbuster development of domestic auto market has blossomed into a strong booster for the automobile after-market development. Accordingly, auto navigation has developed into a paradise for adventurers. However, as the popularization of smart phone, the automobile navigation industry has suffered from unprecedented attack. It’s no longer limited to a guiding tool, with the affiliation of entertainment, safety and intercommunication, the navigation industry is more difficult than before to engage. As a result, a shuffle within the industry is absolute necessary. As one of the leadships in auto terminal produce and development, Soling’s launch will shrink the living space of those middle-sized and small enterprises greatly. 

In June of this year, Soling succeeds in being in season which marks that Soling has stepped into a total new area and been much stronger. As revealed by the media, Soling will release four new blockbusters in October continually and a battle around market has been in stage. All seems to be arranged. However, to those industries that hold comparative weaker competitive power, when facing with the strong and advanced Soling, they are the sacrificed lambs. Before start, all ends.

The market is always cruel and survival of the fittest is the gold rule. Soling has concentrated on CID research and development for 17 years, which is why it advances in product hardware, software and technical innovation in domestic. For years, no matter from perspective of research, business mode and management, Soling has always put the customer’s experiences at the first place, and that is what makes today’s Soling.

In reality, such problem is what the whole industry in China would confront with in the future. As for Soling’s act, we don’t share any opinion first and take no consideration of the future’s development, but the industry battle that Soling leads would have left an ingrained mark in the history of automobile navigation. Opportunities always are for those who have prepared. We look forward to seeing that in this industry reformation, more and more top enterprises like Soling which share an international fame are created.

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