EasyKnife – An Incredible, Easy All-In-One Butter Knife Announced

A top-quality knife that does all three functions: grater, slicer and curler

CHICAGO, Illinois – September 28, 2015 – EasyKnife, an incredible, easy all-in-one butter knife, was recently announced. This top-quality knife does it all, it slices, curls, and grates butter. EasyKnife was created to make Breakfast fun for kids and to be a time saver for the whole family. This incredible product also makes it easy to grate the butter even when taken out from the fridge directly and is cold. It truly is the ultimate kitchen gadget. 

Lastly, EasyKnife has a beautifully designed handle. The handle was the most important aspect of the design. That is to make it very easy to hold with the right weight on it. The handle design was inspired by the designs of Aircraft and keeping in mind the grips at the right points. Interested in owning this incredible, must-have butter knife? Check out their product on Amazon

“Perfect butter slices” and “Got to have one!” are the phrases seen on the reviews of the EasyKnife Amazon page. “Great invention, premium quality” are attached to five-star reviews. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own an incredible, easy all-in-one butter knife – the ultimate kitchen gadget. 

To purchase this all-in-one butter knife, please click here, or go see the product on Amazon.

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Company Name: EasyKnife
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Country: United States
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