“Rape, Initial Shock: The Brigitte Harris Story” is a heart wrenching true story of child abuse

Lamont Patterson and Olivia Shannon have adapted the screen play by Terri Johnson into a book named “Rape, Initial Shock: the Brigitte Harris Story”. The book touches the serious issue of child sexual abuse and is inspired from a true story.

The protagonist of the story Brigitte Harris suffers extreme torture which one can only imagine at the tender age of three. At the innocent age of three, when any normal child is busy playing with its toys, building houses of blocks and feeling the love and care their parents offer to them, Brigitte was tortured and raped by her own father and her cousin.

After she was abandoned by her mother, her father took custody of her but nothing to her relief as she faced such cruelty that could be anyone’s worst nightmare. She used to be beaten by her family members. She repeatedly cried for help but all of them remained unheard. She took her ordeal to other family members but no one believed her, even the government organizations failed to protect her. The religious organizations too could not offer any help to her.

When she grew up, she adopted a life of Goth to hide all the hurt, pain and suffering she went through until she saw the same thing happening to her small cousins. She became outraged and the years of anger and frustration filled her heart. It led her to plot revenge against her father.  She decides to castrate her father but her vengeance goes terribly wrong and she ends up in prison with a harsh sentence for the accidental death of her father. Brigitte came across Terri Johnson and both of them go on to become lifelong pals. She opens her heart out to Terri and provided details of the terrible incidents and how she survived them. Both of them worked on the case together and this also enabled Brigitte to obtain her freedom and attain more courage to get through her misery.

Through this book, both of them aim to make people aware of the serious issue of child abuse which often gets unnoticed or ignored by society. They now work on this common endeavor of teaching and educating people about the problem so that this can be prevented from happening.

With increasing instances of physical and sexual abuse among children, this book will surely provide some useful information on the existence of this problem as a whole, how kids fall prey to it, the sick minds involved in it and what could be done to prevent it in the first place. The book published by World Movement Publishing is available for purchase on Amazon and has received great reviews from editors and readers.


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